Looking for a plant you can count on?


The Perennial Plant Association (PPA) selects a different plant each year based on meeting certain criteria, including low maintenance needs, adaptability to a wide range of climates, pest and disease resistance, wide availability, multiple seasons of interest and ease of propagation.  This year’s winner is butterfly-attracting Allium ‘Millenium’.  Among past winners are Asclepias tuberosa (commonly known as butterfly weed), a bright orange-blooming butterfly magnet;  Salvia ‘May Night’, a cold-hardy, deep purple-blue bloomer; and Calamagrostis acutiflora ‘Karl Foerster’, an easy-to-grow ornamental grass.

‘Millenium’ is an eye-popping, long lasting, easy to grow perennial that forms a compact, upright clump of glossy, deep-green leaves reaching 10-15 inches tall in spring and in late July and August, a profusion of showy rose-purple clusters of flowers appear on strong stems just above the attractive foliage. 

It’s a bulb plant and you may find it potted and already growing (then plant in spring through summer as with any perennial), or if you purchase it as a bare bulb, then plant in early fall.  Alliums look best when planted in masse, meaning a minimum of three in a clump, or even more for maximum impact.

Allium Millenium is an ornamental onion that will be a perfect addition to a pollinator garden.   The profuse flowers attract butterflies and bees.  In addition, the aromatic foliage makes them deer and rabbit resistant.

Gardeners will love this plant because of its low-maintenance qualities.  Soil need not be terribly fertile and pH doesn’t matter.    It likes full sun and only needs cutting back of the foliage late fall after the plants fade.  It is resistant to drought and is hardy to USDA zones 4-9.  It doesn’t have the annoying habit of reseeding everywhere.

An Interesting Coincidence


The Pantone Institute has named ultra violet as color of the year for 2018.  It is said that bright purple or violet subconsciously promotes harmony of mind and emotion, directly correlating to mental stability, balance, peace of mind, resulting in inspiration.

The new color of the year also features in the Perennial Plant Association’s 2018 choice for perennial plant of the year, Allium Millenium  - although  hue is softer with a rosy tinge.

Planting Allium ‘Millenium’ in the garden will add some collective calm to your landscaping.  Because the color is so deep and rich, a little will go a long way in your garden.  And because it’s the Pantone color of the year, expect to see it around often this year until we’re introduced to the Pantone color for 2019.

Could your landscaping benefit from a pop of color this summer?  There aren’t many flowering plants that can compare with the garden-party feel that Alliums provide.  If you would like to know more about low-maintenance perennials like Allium ‘Millenium’ or discuss what shrubs and flowers would work best within your landscape, then contact Whitehouse Landscaping.  Our full-service company has extensive experience, knowledge and background in all elements of outdoor living.  From landscaping to hardscaping, our services will help your property reach its full potential.  Contact us on our website or call 484-300-4290