All outdoor living projects start with a dream which includes a wish list of all the features that your family would enjoy.   Quite often the conversation takes place in the summer while you’re relaxing in your backyard.  It might sound like, “wouldn’t it be nice if we had more room for entertaining”,  or perhaps “imagine how relaxing it would be if we had a water feature to enjoy or a fire pit or fireplace to gather our friends and family around”. 

However, with so many options for creating your perfect backyard retreat, it becomes somewhat overwhelming to get your vision refined especially if you’re in the elementary stage of considering a patio, pool project or a specific outdoor feature.   But don’t think it’s premature to talk to a hardscape contractor about your ideas.  In fact, here are 6 good reasons why you shouldn’t wait any longer to request a consultation and get a bid.

Help with Financial Planning

It’s hard to know what your outdoor project might cost when you’re not familiar with landscaping costs.  When we meet with you, we can give you some ballpark figures for your ideas which will give you an idea of how much to budget.  You may find that saving a little bit extra towards your project can get you that extra feature such as a retaining wall, outdoor lighting or fire feature.

If you have a budget in mind of what you might want to spend, it’s our job to provide an honest picture of how far a particular budget will stretch and to make suggestions for the best landscaping plan for your home.  Read Never be Afraid to Discuss your Budget with Your Landscape Contractor.   It will set your mind at ease about discussing your landscaping budget.

Creating the Perfect Hardscape Design in Montgomery County or Chester County

The planning process is integral to the long-term function, value and success of your Chester or Montgomery hardscape project.  There’s no question that Good Patio Design Enhances Outdoor Living.   But dreaming about your outdoor living project and finalizing a realistic plan takes time.  Many factors go into it.   Making design mistakes in your landscaping is easy to do when you’re not working with a professional.  For over 16 years, we’ve been in the business of creating patio designs in Glenmoore, PA and Wayne, PA and other surrounding towns.  We write lots of informational blogs to help our clients get the space they deserve.  For example, when envisioning your new patio, read Patio Design – Top 5 Patio Design Ideas You’ll Regret Not Knowing and another popular article to check out is How to Create a Great Hardscape Design for your Backyard GetawayTed Whitehouse creates awesome hardscape designs, often utilizing 3-D design.  His passion for outdoor living spaces ensures that every job we design and install will be beautiful and long lasting for years to come.

Material Selections

There are a wide variety of materials to choose from.  Natural stone and manufactured (concrete) pavers each have their own unique positive qualities.    We’ve seen clients going back and forth about their choice and miss out having their project scheduled in a timely way.  Learn more about Natural Stone Patios and Walkways  and  How to Select the Right Pavers for Your New Patio or WalkwayYour material selections can have a huge impact on the overall look and feel of your hardscape design.  We’ll take the time to review your options with you and recommend some good choices for your hardscape project. 

Consider Drainage Issues

Creating successful drainage is part of any good hardscape design.  A drainage plan will ensure that your patio is structurally long lasting.  Ignoring this issue is probably one of the biggest reasons why hardscape projects fail.  Experienced hardscaping contractors will look at the slope of your property, or certain areas of your landscape that might influence where water travels or builds up.  You’ll need to be informed of the different techniques that might be used to address drainage problems in your future hardscape project.

Reality of Getting Your Project Scheduled

We’re often scheduling 12 weeks out.  It’s known in the industry that there are above-average and below-average contractors.  Typically, the above-average hardscape contractors are going to have a wait list of 2-3 months while the less experienced contractors will be ready to start tomorrow.  We’ve often been called in to repair an existing hardscaping project.  We feel if you’re going to invest thousands of dollars into a new patio with a sitting wall or outdoor feature, you expect to have it done right.  When you know you’re close to pulling the trigger on your outdoor project, it’s nice to be able to schedule it in advance so the installation is complete prior to the outdoor season.

Talk with Several Hardscaping Contractors in Montgomery or Chester Counties

Whitehouse Landscaping is one of the many good hardscaping companies in Montgomery and Chester counties.   It’s smart to get more than one quote.  Do your research.  Ask your neighbors for referrals.  Check with local hardscaping suppliers for recommendations.  Check their credentials and experience.  Read testimonials.   We are passionate about creating beautiful and functional spaces that build memories for years to come.  Having been in business for over 16 years, we’ve earned a reputation of being a quality, trusted hardscaping contractor whose goal is to satisfy each and every client.   Read How to Find the Best Landscaping Company in Montgomery or Chester County.

If you’re thinking about a new outdoor living area in the near future, it’s never too early to call Whitehouse Landscaping.   Every backyard and project is unique. We love all sizes, shapes and styles of properties and we’d love to help you figure out and design yours.   You can expect an enjoyable meeting, not a sales pitch. Call us today at 484-300-4290 or fill out our contact form to schedule your complimentary consultation.