The Tater Tot Arborvitae is a great addition to any garden for lots of reasons.  Typically when you hear the word arborvitae, you think of a tall, narrow hedge type evergreen that’s often used for creating privacy….but not this irresistibly cute arborvitae.  Tater Tot only gets about 18” tall and spreads to 24” wide.

It’s considered a dwarf native evergreen shrub that has a small rounded shape with sprays of fragrant, fan-like, fresh green foliage that adds year round color to your yard.   People like its appealing globe/sphere shape.   It’s slow-growing and makes a wonderful addition to perennial beds, rock gardens, and containers.  It looks great as a specimen or focal point in a garden or looks good in a mass planting. 

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Great Reasons to Grow Tater Tot Arborvitae

  • This plant is a full sun lover, but is tolerant of shade too.  (foliage density loosens up in too much shade.  Most
  • They are incredible winter hardy
  • No pruning necessary because it’s considered a dwarf plant.  Very low maintenance.
  • Slow growing and maintains color year round
  • Scale-like leaves turn coppery bronze in fall

Landscape Applications

  • Mass planting or perfect for small gardens
  • General garden use
  • Rock gardens
  • Perfect for adding a touch of formality landscapes that need structure
  • Focal  or specimen point
  • Suited for outdoor pots and containers *
  • A rule of thumb when you want to plant shrubs in a container, and you want to winter them over, you want to choose something that’s rated at two zones colder than your current growing zone.  That’s why Tater Tot Arborvitae is suited for containers.  Often Tater Tot is used as a ‘filler’ in containers with other plants surrounding it.


As we mentioned, it’s very low maintenance.  Likes well-drained soil and doesn’t like to dry out.  Applying some mulch around the base to helps retain moisture and also protects its roots in really cold weather. 

As you can see, Tater Tot arborvitae is the perfect plant accessory for your landscape.   Whitehouse Landscaping has been designing, installing and maintaining beautiful custom landscaping in Montgomery, Chester, and Berks Counties, PA since 2000.   We have the horticultural knowledge in landscaping to make sure the right plants are chosen for the right place insuring your landscape thrives and can be properly maintained.

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