Property Care = Beautiful Landscaping

There are some basic tasks to be performed regularly if your goal is the have the best looking property on the block.  It’s important to know what chores are necessary to achieve your goal and then evaluating if you want to invest the time it takes to do them.   Some homeowners find it therapeutic to work outdoors and love the exercise.  Others what a great look property without the hassle. 

Wherever you fall on the spectrum, we’ve put together a complete landscape maintenance checklist that includes all of the essential landscape maintenance services that should be performed in order to keep your property looking great year-round.

Once you understand the chores that are necessary, you can make a decision to hire a professional to give you a comprehensive, personalized solution for expert yard maintenance or take on the tasks yourself. 

Annual Landscape Maintenance Checklist

Seasonal Clean-Ups  -  Removing leaves, debris, and weeds in landscape beds and lawn.  This is a necessary task each season to keep your landscape looking tidy.

Mulching, Edging and Weed Pre-emergent  -  Redefining landscape bed edges, mulching and application of weed pre-emergent is essential for beds to look their best throughout the seasons.

Lawn Mowing  -  Cutting the turf to a 3” height and string trimming along all edges and finishing up with blowing off sidewalks, patios and driveway.

Tree and Shrub Pruning  -  Hand pruning and shearing as necessary at the appropriate time of year.  Focus on pruning out dead, damaged or diseased stems and thinning out dense shrubs to increase light and air flow.    Also cutting back seasonal perennials, annuals and bulbs throughout the season as needed.

Plant Health Care  -  Your landscape investment deserves attention and protection.  Fertilization of plants and  monitoring for disease or insect issues. 

Simple, Worry-Free Maintenance

Save the hassle of landscape maintenance and get better results.  Sounds pretty enticing?

At Whitehouse Landscaping, our complete landscape maintenance services are designed to deliver easy, professional results.  As a full-service landscaping company who operates in Montgomery, Chester and Berks Counties, we’ll begin with an assessment to create a custom strategy for your property and goals.  This approach assures that every landscape gets the attention and care it truly deserves.

The Whitehouse Landscaping team  has been delighting homeowners in Pottstown, Gilbertsville, Malvern and Collegeville for over 20 years.  Our company's goal is  to not just meet, but to exceed your expectations by adding beauty and value to your home.  If you're ready to get your property in tip-top shape, then request a maintenance quote, and sit back and relax knowing that you'll be getting the royal treatment.