As many people spent more time at home this year, they looked for ways to stretch their living space to the max.  And outdoor areas offered abundant possibilities to add space for lounging, cooking, playing and relaxing.  We created stylish, hardworking areas to enhance and extend living space outside.

2020 Year in Review

Operating in uncharted waters was a 2020 reality for business owners…and for that matter, everyone else!   Who would have predicted this time last year that we could be facing a global pandemic. 

However, our landscaping business was lucky in that all our work takes place in the great outdoors.  The challenges of finding face masks and hand disinfectant, getting crews safely distanced while getting to clients properties, and instituting CDC guidelines were met with the goal to keep our employees and the clients we serve safe.  We never lost sight of our goal in serving our clients at the highest level.

With so many small businesses in other industries hanging on for dear life, we at Whitehouse Landscaping were grateful we were able to contribute to the future health of our economy.   Technology was a life saver in that we could video conference with clients, supplying detailed 3-D renderings and virtual designs that were successful in taking projects from the design stage to full installation.

2020 – The Year of the Backyard Enthusiast

If 2020 has taught us anything, families are spending quality time outdoors with their families.

  • Plans that were put on hold previously were pulled off the back burner and given the green light.
  • Families were re-investing their annual travel budget.
  • Outdoor living spaces were becoming necessities for safer social interactions.
  • Working from home gave individuals an option to move their workspace outdoors.  The move helped compartmentalize between work area and living area.

Families grew more edible plants and while they wanted a green lawn, they also desired the rest of the yard planted with a wide variety of other plants.  Natives became more popular as people realize that nature lives in their backyards and they wanted to support wildlife habitat while also experiencing lower maintenance.

TOP Landscaping Trends for 2021

We expect the COVID-19 shifts in behavior to continue to shape the future of outdoor living.  Thoughtful outdoor living design will gain more momentum as families spend more time at home.    

OUTDOOR LIVING ROOMS.  With families moving to the outdoors to share meals, exercise and relax, there’s an increased  interest in pools, pergola, gazebo, outdoor kitchens,  fire pits, fireplaces and water features will add to your family’s quality of life and offer a place to ‘escape’ to.  Patio heaters to extend patio living will be in high demand and an increased emphasis on privacy in backgrounds such as using a row of evergreens or even a trellis wall with hanging vines to shield the view.

INTERESTING HARDSCAPE PATTERNS.   Flat and uniform surfaces are being replaced by geometric and more ornate touches.  Landscape designs will be stepped up with raised beds, benches and stairways. It’s an exciting time to see what’s trending in patio pavers for the new decade.

MIXED LANDSCAPE ELEMENTS.    Filling the landscape with plants is great, but designing the landscape with a mix of landscape elements can also create a exciting possibilities that can offer function and ecological benefit.  Stones and boulders are a great way to mix up the landscape.  Water elements and landscape lighting can take a yard to the next level.

GOING NATIVENative plants can tolerate the conditions of your area so they will thrive in your yard and at the same time, restore preserving biodiversity. 

POLLINATOR FRIENDLY GARDENS.  Spaces are being set aside for pollinator plants in order to provide for the insects upon which are food systems rely on.  A small garden bed or even a few containers can make for a pollinator-friendly oasis.  Supply butterflies, hummingbirds, and bees with a diverse group of native plants.

OUTDOOR LIGHTINGWe expect to see more outdoor lighting used in new ways such as a light channel underneath a patio or sidewalk, lights uplighting trees or hidden lighting that illuminates a path.

VEGETABLE GARDENSGrowing one’s own food is becoming more and more popular with an uptick in potted herbs, a better thought-out garden and more raised beds.

Here at Whitehouse Landscaping we put the ‘living’ in outdoor living areas.  As landscapers in Pottstown, PA we have served our community as well as the Glenmoore, Chester Springs, Collegeville, Malvern, Phoenixville and surrounding areas.  Our goal is to create and maintain one-of-a-kind outdoor spaces that serve as the backdrop of your life’s great moments. 

Upgrading your landscape doesn’t have to involve beginning from zero.  Even a change as simple as adding a few perennial beds, or installing just one new gathering space can make an amazing difference on how you enjoy and live in your yard.   Read more on How Much Do Backyard Landscaping Features Cost.


Secure a spot in our schedule.  Typically, by April we have 8 weeks of projects on board and are scheduling new projects well into the summer months.  Plan now and beat the spring rush!

If you’re looking for ways to enhance your outdoor living area in 2021, call Whitehouse Landscaping at 484-300-4290 or contact us on our website.  We would be happy to schedule a free consultation so we can discuss with you how to bring your vision to life.