Cercis Canadensis 'Appalachian Red' (Native Redbud).   Photo Credit:          Lisa Strovinsky

2021 Gold Medal Winners from the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society

February 7, 2021

The Pennsylvania Horticultural Society (PHS) selects plants each year that are easy to grow, pest free, and add beauty to the landscape for many...

Steps and walkway become a wonderful focal point as well as a functional feature to the property.

Project Case Study: New Patio and Walkway Transformed Pottstown, PA Property

January 22, 2021

Date: Summer of 2020

Location: East Coventry, Pottstown, PA

Categories: Landscaping Design, Patio, Hardscaping, Fireplace, Steps,...

Calamintha Nepeta.  Photo Credit: Walters Gardens

Perennial Plant for 2021 - Sun-loving, Long Lasting & Attracts Pollinators

January 11, 2021

The Perennial Plant Association (PPA) selects a different plant each year based on meeting certain criteria, including low maintenance needs,...

Top 7 Landscaping Trends for 2021 and Reflections on 2020

December 27, 2020

As many people spent more time at home this year, they looked for ways to stretch their living space to the max.  And outdoor areas offered...

Landscape Maintenance Services keep lawns healthy and green and beds weed free.

Schedule Seasonal Landscape Maintenance Services and Gain More Free Time

December 13, 2020

Your yard changes along with the seasons and always brings a new set of chores.  Sometimes it seems that you just finish up your spring checklist...

A walkway,  steps and lighting in East Coventry, Pottstown that accommodates a sloped yard.

Landscape Design: How Walkways and Steps Connect and Enhance Other Areas in Your Yard

November 29, 2020

Your outdoor living space is just as important as your indoor living space and being able to use your entire outdoors just makes practical sense...

A 3-D Rendering of an new patio installation.

Plan Your Landscape Design Installation NOW for 2021

November 17, 2020

Backyards are being transformed as families realize they are staying home more especially during these pandemic times.    Most backyards have the...

Rocks stacked promote peace and harmony.

Using Feng Shui in Landscape Design

November 3, 2020

Have you noticed that some yards have that ‘welcoming’ feeling to them, and yet other yards give you a ‘blah’ feeling?   What is the reason for...

Thick covering leaves will have a negative impact on your lawn.

Why It's Important to Rake Leaves Off Your Lawn

October 24, 2020

One of the least favorite fall landscaping chores is raking leaves.  As pretty as all the fall colors look on your lawn, letting them accumulate...

Daffodil and Hyacinth Combination.  Credit:

Plant Bulbs for Spring Color Now

September 26, 2020

Remember how you feel when you see the first spring flowers in bloom after a long, cold winter?   Especially during these crazy pandemic times,...

Fireplace in East Coventry, Pottstown

Adding Fire to Your Backyard Living

September 12, 2020

Is there anything better than relaxing by the fire, under the stars, roasting marshmallows and enjoying family?  We don’t think so!  The demand of...

This is a 3D drawing that will help a homeowner understand their overall goal and scheduling their landscaping  in phases if they choose.

Checklist for Renovating Or Planning a New Landscape

August 29, 2020

Our outdoor spaces matter and it’s inevitable that the more time we spend outdoors, the more we want to change or add to our landscape.   If you’...