Aeration and Overseeding Your Lawn

Why Aerate Your Lawn?

Aeration and overseedingAeration is one of the most important maintenance practices we can do to help your lawn remain healthy and ward off problems.  Compacted soil and heavy thatch are the two biggest challenges to a beautiful lawn.  The cores you see on your lawn after aeration will break down gradually over the next week or two.  This natural return to the soil helps hold the thatch to a desirable level.   It really should be a regular part of your lawn maintenance program.

Lawn Aeration Benefits:

  • Improvement of drainage.
  • Increases air, water and nutrient to the roots.
  • Helps relieve soil compaction
  • Stimulates new growth
  • Decrease thatch build-up
  • During drought conditions, aeration helps water reach thirsty roots.
  • Creates a better environment for overseeding
  • Increases the effectiveness of applied fertilizers.

Aeration and overseeding

Spring and especially fall are the best times for aerating turf.   We highly recommend doing this at least once a year.  Aeration is a relatively low cost service that can enhance your yard and leave you with beautiful-looking turf.

Sam, nice job on the newsletter and front entrance idea!  Lawn sod looks awesome and where you guys aerated looks great.  Thanks for your great service and follow up.

John S., Wyomissing

Why Overseed Your Lawn?

Aeration and overseedingOverseeding your lawn will help to fill in sparse areas in your lawn where the grass has died off.    Our professionals can top dress, aerate, and overseed your lawn resulting in a more lush and healthy lawn which will make your yard the envy of your neighborhood.

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