Yard Drainage

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Poor outdoor drainage can lead to a number of headaches for homeowners:  rain damage to foundations, soggy yards, and soil erosion issues.  Whitehouse Landscaping offers effective landscape drainage solutions that can eliminate standing water and redirect water through your landscape using proper grading and drainage techniques.

Drainage problems often result from low spots, improper grading, gutter and downspout issues, run off from neighbor, slope toward the foundation and hardscape surfaces.

First, we’ll come out and look at your yard to determine the sources of runoff.

Then we’ll design and propose solutions using a variety of techniques, from simple to more complex techniques depending on the situation.

“Crew was hard working and friendly. Ted gave pleasant yet honest advice about our drainage issues.” Peg and Richard S., Royersford, PA

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Dry Creek Bed in Spring City, PA

Yard Drainage Solutions

French Drains and Catch Basins – Both are installed underground.  French drains are typically used to draw excess groundwater and surface water away from an area of concern.

Bury and Redirect Downspouts - Depending on the situation, several options are available to redirect the water.

Dry Creek Beds -  Making a shallow depression in a certain area that might have a slope and filling it in with river rock of various shapes, textures and colors can improve landscape drainage in addition to looking nice.

Rain Gardens - Rain gardens are perfect if an area of yur garden remains always soggy and grass is tough to grow.  There are many shrubs and perennials that tolerate wet conditions and at the same time make a great habitat for birds and butterflies.

Re-grading – Grading is a critical component of drainage.  Sloping soil away from the home's foundation is common in addition to low areas filled in to level the grade.  Sometimes installing a berm or swale will divert water flow.

The drainage repair that you did in my neighbor and my backyards in the early summer has withstood 25” of rain and has not had a puddle!!  Great Job!” Candace L., Collegeville, PA

Whitehouse Landscaping can eliminate standing water and redirect water through your landscape using custom designed solutions.  We’ll evaluate your property and review your preferences to determine the very best approach for improving drainage on your property.

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