5 Easy Ideas for Boosting Curb Appeal


Improving your home’s curb appeal improves its value

Are you unhappy with the way your house looks?     Well join the club!  Most homeowners think their landscaping is boring so we thought we’d give you some curbscaping ideas that will grab the eyes of your neighbors.  Adding just one or two key elements to your current landscape can make a huge difference.

Add an Island Bed.  Most homes are surrounded by lots of grass.  If you have a deep lawn, cnsider cutting out a patch of the middle or corner and install an island bed.  Consider the placement, shape, and proportion.  Create an interesting curve.    Wrap a hose or use a can of marking paint from the hardware store to create the shape.  Be comfortable with the design before you start cutting grass out.   Check out this easy way to remove sod.    Plant a few shrubs and low maintenance grasses or perennials.  Even consider a boulder or two.  The size of your bed will dictate your choices. The end result…your landscape will have some focus!

Large Pots.  There are lots of spaces around the home that could use a boost.  How about between the garage doors, front entrance or near a lamp post.  A collection of pots can create a welcoming outdoor space where digging isn’t desirable or practical.  No need for   careful planning and it’s easy to add, remove, or rearrange the plants as they grow and the season changes.   Always plant something tall, choose a filler for the middle and then plant something that trails.

An island bed adds interest to a front lawn in Schwenksville
An island bed adds interest to a front lawn in Schwenksville

Nice Lawn and Edged Beds.    A green, weed-free lawn really makes a difference.   Taking care of your home’s lawn will bring some of the most bang for the buck. A recent Remodeling Impact Report from the National Assoc. of Realtors and the National Assoc. of Landscape Professionals states that a standard lawn care program is one of the most cost-effective projects, recovering 303 percent at resale.  Edge all your planting beds and borders and apply a fresh layer of mulch.

Ripping Out Overgrown Shrubs.  Plants that are 25+ years old, completely overgrowing the house and/or half dead completely detract from the house and its value. Either cut back overgrown plants or start new.  Don’t be afraid to remove or transplant. After removing some overgrown shrubs, you might decide you like the look of their clean bed and you’ll opt for minimal replacements.

Boulders.  Break up the boredom of a flat landscape by placing a few boulders in prominent places.  Plant some dwarf conifers or ornamental grasses around them.    They   will compliment your shrubs with texture and weight. Bury a small bottom portion into the ground so it appears to be natural.

Any one of these landscaping tips can make a huge impact on your curb appeal.  With years of  landscaping experience, a growing portfolio, and a team that truly cares about our clients, Whitehouse Landscaping will be happy to help you achieve your vision.  Check out our website at www.whitehouselandscaping.com and contact us for a free consultation on how we can help you and your landscape.