A compact plant starts small and stays small all its growing life.  Compact evergreen shrubs take up a fraction of space as similar full-size plants such as yews and arborvitaes and are ideal for homeowners who have less room for planting.   Smaller in size also means minimal or no pruning and maintenance which is an attractive feature for busy families. 

“Evergreen” means the plant retains it foliage through the year.

Compact evergreen plants look great planted at a front-entrance, rock garden, scattered in a perennial garden or a tiny backyard setting.   Of course there are plenty of compact deciduous flowering shrubs that you can combine with compact evergreen shrubs, but the beauty of evergreen shrubs is that they stay green all winter and give the landscape some winter interest.

We’ve highlighted a few nice compact evergreen shrubs that provide all the benefits of larger specimens, but in a much more manageable package.  Does your yard have any space for a few?

Anna’s Magic Ball Arborvitae.    This native, dwarf arborvitae is a really cute little sphere of  yellow foliage.  It needs no pruning and its yellow foliage adds year-round color to the landscape.  It’s one of the few arborvitae that likes part sun to sun but is one of the few arborvitae that is shade tolerant.  It grows 10 – 15” tall and spreads 10 to 15” wide.    It’s basically a no maintenance plant and incredibly winter hardy.

Celtic Pride Siberian Cypress.   This is a really winter hardy evergreen, that has pretty fern like, delicate foliage and doesn’t get tip die back that other evergreens like this get.  It can tolerate some shade and dry conditions and is deer resistant.  1 to 3 feet tall and 3 to 5 feet wide and takes on a higher groundcover appearance looking like lush green carpet.  In winter it takes on a russet-purple tone but returns to green in the spring.   It likes part sun to sun although it can tolerate some shade.  It prefers well drained, moist soil.  Pruning is seldom needed ok to trim to shape in spring.

Gem Box Inkbery Holly (Llex glabra ‘compacta’).  This is a dwarf broadleaf evergreen that looks more like a boxwood than an inkberry.  It has a mounded habit with a lush foliage of small, dainty, dark green leaves and red tips during the spring flush.  It’s a great alternative to a boxwood.  Likes sun to part sun but can tolerate a little shade.  Garden height is 24 – 36” high and spreads 24    - 36” wide.  

Dwarf Pencil Point Juniper (Juniperus communis ‘compressa’).  This is a small, very narrow evergreen shrub that grows to less than 5 feet tall, with a width of less than a foot.  It has blue-green needles that shimmer in sunny garden areas. Its tapered form makes a great vertical accent plant for smaller gardens where space is limited.  It’s a full sun lover and tolerates a wide range of soils.  Drought tolerant once established.   It’s a native shrub and very winter hardy.   See American Conifer Society for photo and additional information.

Dwarf Japanese Black Pine (Pinus thunbergii ‘Kotobuki’). This dark needled evergreen grows steadily into an upright, irregular column, reaching 4 feet tall in about 10 years.  It has a very ‘Asian’ look with dark needles and contrasts beautifully with the bright silver-white of the new shoots each spring.  In time, the branches develop into irregular side cluster which gives it an ‘Asian’ look.  It’s resistant to heat, drought, salt and deer.

Compact Maximum Rhododendron (Rhododendron ‘Maximum Compacts’).  This plant is a mini version of a traditional rhododendron and is a real show stopper with broad-leaved producing large clusters of pinkish lavender flowers in late spring.  Likes full to partial sun.  Reaching just 3 feet tall and wide, bumblebees love the flowers.  No pruning necessary. 

Falling in love with conifers is easy! Compact or dwarf shrubs are the perfect solution for small yards and evergreen plants have a lot of offer for year round interest.  Of course, there are a multitude of non-compact evergreens that provide a constant sign of life and color in a winter landscape.

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