Adding Fire to Your Backyard Living


Is there anything better than relaxing by the fire, under the stars, roasting marshmallows and enjoying family?  We don’t think so!  The demand of fire pit and fireplace installations is a trend that’s here to stay.  Especially since the pandemic, families are placing more value on their home comfort, especially in the privacy of their own backyards.

At Whitehouse Landscaping, we have designed and installed unique fire pits and fire places in all shapes and sizes throughout Montgomery, Berks and Chester counties.

Our outdoor space is an extension of our home and it’s where family gravitates.  Kids are eager to leave their ‘screens’ and join in on the fire pit conversation.  And the best part of a fire feature is that you can continue to enjoy your space once the weather turns brisk.

So the burning question –  A Fireplace or Fire Pit?

Fireplace in East Coventry, Pottstown

Below is a quick review of their key differences:

Fire Pit – Since you sit around a fire pit, the shape can be round or square and feels more like a campfire in your backyard.  It accommodates more seating versus a fireplace.   Fire pits come in many styles and materials, recessed or elevated and are usually more simple and affordable.  They require more room (150 to 200 sq. feet of space if situated on the patio and could be challenging smoke wise on a windy property.  There’s a little bit of maintenance involved by keeping it covered and eliminate rainwater although a drain can be part of the installation.

Fire Place – Acts as an architectural focal point outdoors because of its height and mass and you obviously sit in front of it.  The smoke with a fire place is directed up and away.  Usually built on the edge of a patio, it takes up less space and keeps the rest of the patio open.   A built in fireplace promotes an intimate, homely feeling.

Other fire feature options include propane fire tables, fire pillars, fire bowls, etc. and can elevate a space to a whole new level.

What Type of Fuel for Your Fire Feature?

This Techo-Bloc Prescott propane fire pit in Schwenksville will become the life of the patio party for this family. The unique selection of pavers sets this project apart.

There are basically only three types of fuel that fire features use: natural gas, and propane.    Do you love the smell of an open fire, or are you more into the convenience of a quick start with gas or propane.

Wood Burning – There’s no doubt that wood burning fire pits and fireplaces have a rustic ambiance of a crackling fire to them.    They don’t require additional plumbing or connection to a gas line which make installation easier and less expensive.  Of course, you have to keep a wood supply, smoke can bother some people and wood burning fires have regulations on how far away they must be from any flammable structure (25 feet).

Natural Gas – It doesn’t get much easier and you still get the ambiance of a fire, just not the work.   No wood to buy or tanks of propane to refill.  Just turn it on and magic…instant fire.   You can add ceramic logs to give you the feel of a campfire.  Natural gas features are considered an appliance and can be placed within 25 feet of any structure.  No smoke, so you don’t have to worry about it blowing towards the neighbors.  A trench needs to be dug to extend the gas line which adds to the cost.

Propane Fire Tables – These come in the form of specially designed tables which contain a small propane tank.  The advantage of these are that they are portable and run the gamut from very sophisticated to simple and of course, vary in price.  They don’t produce as much heat and you have to remember to fill up the propane.

Choosing an Outdoor Fire Pit or Fireplace Company

Good times at this firepit just waiting to happen.

If you’re looking for an outdoor fire pit company or outdoor fireplace company, Whitehouse Landscaping would be happy to show you some of the many fire features we have installed over 20 years.     Our goal is to work with you to determine what type of feature will be perfect for you and your family.

Schedule a free consultation or give us a call at 484-300-4290.   You can trust Whitehouse Landscaping to enhance your outdoor living space for your family to enjoy for many years to come.