Color Your Landscape this Fall


Ornamental Cabbage. Photo Pixabay

Rely on fall favorites to refresh your landscap

Just because summer is ending does it mean that it’s the end of color in your landscaping. A few annuals and perennials take center stage in fall. If you’re ready to refresh your landscape, plant things that thrive in cooler temperatures. From a border of purple or yellow pansies to overflowing containers of vivid mums, nothing says fall like the brilliant hues of autumn.

Fall Containers

Bring that gorgeous fall color a little closer to home with an easy-to-assemble container garden. Use your imagination and combine a few fall favorites. Your friends, neighbors and especially YOU will be treated to a fall showing of colors every time you drive up your driveway or view your backyard.

Patio and Foundation Plantings

Pull out your tired and fading annuals and plant some annuals and perennials that will cause you to pause and note the beauty of the autumn landscape.

Our Favorites to Add to your Garden and Containers

Client container by Whitehouse Landscaping
Client container by Whitehouse Landscaping

Chrysanthemums (mums) and Pansies – These are fall’s old faithfuls and you can’t go wrong with providing great color.

Flowering” Cabbage and Kale – The word flowering ‘flowering’ is actually a misleading. The coloration in this plant is not from a flower, but from the red, purple and while color of the foliage. The colors intensify as the weather gets colder. For best visual effect, plant in masses. Cabbage leaves are broad and rounded while the kale’s leaves are dissected and frilly. They are fun and funky!

Asters – These perennials come in white, pale blue and pink. You’ll see some species growing wild along the roads. Some species grow very tall and need staking. Asters are best used as fillers between other perennials.

Golden Rod – The myth about Golden Rod is that they cause allergies but that has been proven false. The cultivars range in size from 1 to 3 feet tall and can often be seen growing in vacant fields.

Joe Pye Weed – These flowers are light pink, dark pink and reddish purple. Their blooms are a favorite for attracting butterflies.

Sedum – This is a dependable perennial that blooms into late November. Looks great in the spring even though it’s not blooming. A stand-out is Autumn Joy.

Ornamental grasses – They’re great for adding color and interest to your winter landscape. Pennsylvania grasses include switch grass, big bluestem, pampas grass and bottlebrush grass. .

Have some fun this fall and bring some fall color right to your home. Don’t have time to plan? Contact Whitehouse Landscaping for professionally designed and staged landscape displays to showcase focal points and wow your family and guests this fall.