Container Gardening Tips


Looking for a way to make a color splash on your patio, deck or yard?  Filling a container with fun, creative plants is easy and fun.  Follow these design/planting tips to get started.

Simple Container Guidelines

Drainage is essential.  Multiple holes are good.  Avoid gravel on the bottom…it really doesn’t work.  Coffee filters or screening work great.

Consider Sunlight when choosing plants.  In low light, use shade tolerant plants.

Potting Soil is soil-less and contains no garden soil which gives your pot the best chance to thrive.  We like Miracle-Gro Moisture Control which is sold everywhere.

Fertilize regularly.  Mix slow-release fertilizer into the potting soil before planting and feed a liquid fertilizer every other week during the growing season.

Extra Drama – try perennials – either alone or mixed with annuals.  For example Heuchera (coral bells) is versatile for sun or shade.  Foliage can create a bold effect as well as flowers.  Planting two-thirds of a mixed container with foliage plants and one-third with flowers works!

Easy 3 Plant Designer Rule – combine multiple plants: choose a thriller, a star centerpiece, a filler, a medium plant to compliment the thriller and a spiller, to spill over.  Stage plants to give varied heights.

Groom regularly.  Pinch when plants become too thin and floppy and deadhead old flowers to encourage new ones.

Water regularly and check daily!

Be Bold.  Have fun and experiment.  It’s not brain surgery.  Anyone can make a great container garden.