Creating Focal Points in Landscaping


Phoenixville water feature off of patio

Good landscape design always includes a focal point

When a landscape is designed around a focal point, it draws our eye and gets our attention.   Landscaped spaces are similar to a painting.  There’s always something in a painting that draws your attention.  It may be subtle or it may be obvious.  But the artist usually paints a dominant feature to get your attention.  Many landscaping enhancements can serve as focal points.

What are focal points in landscaping?

Showcase a tree or shrub with unusual features.  Highlight a garden space by including a plant that has interesting color or texture such as Japanese Maple or White Birch.   A specimen tree can really draw the eye to a landscaped bed.  Low-voltage landscape lighting on a specimen tree or grouping can really make it pop at night.

Boulder groupings.   Boulders emerging from deep within the ground create contrast to plantings.  Placed correctly, they appear natural and act as a backbone of your landscaping.

Water.  Moving water draws both our eyes and ears.  Re-circulating water is easy with the use of a submersible pump and water features can be as elaborate as a waterfall or as simple water bubbling from a center of a stone.

Objects of interest interspersed in plantings.  A piece of sculpture, a birdbath, a bench or a colorful container of flowers all add interest to your landscape.

Fire.  Firepits and fireplaces are focal features that draw families and friends into the landscape…especially at night. 

A Gathering Spot.  A well designed paver patio and walkway strategically placed with the landscape turns the hardscape area to a comfortable and inviting vocal area.   

Focal points stand out from whatever is around them:  they can be a different size, shape, color or texture.   The key is balance and not to have them overpower an area.   Focal points should never be distracting but rather an uncomplicated feature that simply catches your attention.

Be creative.  Tap into your personal style and have fun creating a focal point in your landscaping.  Whitehouse Landscaping is always available to help you create the landscape of your dreams.  Contact us for any landscape help you might need.