Dry Creek Beds and Their Benefits


Pottstown dry creek bed.

A dry creek bed is a stone lined stream bed that mimics a natural stream.  They are often the answer to problem areas in your landscape but can also be an eye catching focal point in your garden

Wet, Swampy or Erosion Prone Areas

These problem areas are headaches and need attention.  Either you are losing mulch, creating ruts in your yard in a downpour or water sits in one place and becomes stagnant.  Constructing these dry creek beds can alleviate drainage problems or redirect water run off to prevent erosion.

Big Impact in Your Landscape

River rock and boulders.
River rock and boulders.

Dry creek beds can also be constructed as a great focal point.  They can divide space up in your landscape, add interest in an area that is hard to grow and work for both sunny and shady areas.  Rock adds color and texture and can visually organize a landscaped area.

Design Considerations

River Rock diverting downspout water drainage..

River Rock diverting downspout water drainage..

Curve the dry creek in a meandering path to slow down the force of water but also give it a natural appearance.  The rocks should look random with different sizes of stones to define the boundaries.  Large rocks can be placed along the edges and the smaller to medium size stones in the middle of the bed.  Plants will add to the natural appearance of the creek.

We have installed many dry creek beds for our clients.  Call Whitehouse Landscaping at 484-300-4290 to explore how your yard can benefit from a dry creek bed.