A well-placed bench in your yard can significantly add to the pleasure you get from your home landscaping.   People are spending more time outdoors and value their outdoor living areas.   A place to sit makes your yard feel like a destination.    Following some simple guidelines will help you evaluate the perfect spot for a garden bench.

Bench with a View

It’s important to position the bench towards a focal point or feature of your home, such as nestling a bench near a garden or into the edge of a border giving you a front-row seat for watching birds and butterflies.   The last thing you want to do is to come home from a busy day at work and sit on your bench looking at traffic.  Take time to think about what would make a pleasant view.

Consider What’s Behind the Bench

Backing up a bench against a tree trunk, wall, fence or tall shrubs provides a sense of security and gives you a sense of comfort.  It creates a cozy spot to view straight out….whether it’s 10 feet or 10 acres.   If you were to place it in the middle of a lawn, it would be far less inviting.   It should give the person a unique view of the landscape. 

Choose the Bench Material to Fit into the Surroundings

Benches can be constructed out of cast aluminum, iron, wood or stone.  Take into consideration the style (formal, contemporary) and the color of your home so it will blend into the surroundings. Of course, if the bench is placed in a more remote place, it’s less important.

Some homeowners are creative and use paver stones or well-tamped gravel bed to create a dry setting for the bench to rest on.

Remember, you don’t always have to be working in your yard.  It’s nice to come out in the early morning with a cup of coffee or at dusk with a glass of wine to sit while relaxing and experiencing the open air and nice view of your planted paradise.  Take time to savor it all.  Well-placed seating will invite you, your family and your friends to linger and enjoy your property.

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