How to Make Your Yard Sustainable


There are 5 basic elements that support a sustainable yard.

Sustainable yards work with nature to protect and restore natural ecosystems which benefit all of us humans. The 5 core elements are: soil, water, plants, materials and human health/well being. Below are some very quick ways to help you start thinking about a sustainable yard.

Reduce excessive use of chemicals

Build soil structure

Use native plants

Select plants to benefit local habitat

Use methods to absorb rainfall

Put right plant in the right place

Whitehouse Landscaping practices environmentally sound and sustainable landscaping practices. We understand that homeowners can’t expect to fix the world, but we recognize that each person can make small improvements over time that add up to a positive change.

We currently offer several environmentally friendly landscape solutions. Visit our website to learn about our Green Initiative and contact us if you would like us to show you how to make a difference.