How to Select the Right Pavers for Your New Patio or Walkway


Phoenixville installation using Techo-Bloc Bue 60

Some simple guidelines can help you decide on the best paver for your new patio, deck or walkway.  A professional landscaper can offer valuable input and offer suggestions that will be cost effective, beautiful and functional.  You will also be impressed with paver industry technology that offers extensive paver shapes, sizes, styles, colors and textures for every client’s taste and use.

We like to use hardscape products from Techo-Bloc because they offer more earthtones and have a little bit more of a natural feel with softer colors.  Techo-Bloc is a 25 year old concrete paver manufacturer from Canada but is also manufacturing in the US.  Techo-Bloc products are backed with a transferable lifetime warranty, and are de-icing salt-resistant.

But before you can start enjoying your new outdoor feature, you’ll have some tough decisions on choosing the best paver for your installation.  But keep in the back of your mind that there are no right or wrong answers as the ultimate choice is a matter of personal taste.


Techo-Bloc Borealis line is a wood look-alike


Here are five considerations to help you choose pavers for your outdoor project.

Brick vs Permeable Pavers

Brick and permeable pavers look similar, but permeable ones allow water to flow through them to reduce runoff, which is helpful for areas with drainage issues.  Pavers without a doubt instantly add value to your home.  They look gorgeous and they never have to be replaced.


Aberdeen Slab from Techo-Bloc is great for pool decks, walkways and patios


Choosing a Design Style

Your project will dictate which paver will work best. Is your taste more rustic?  Tumbled pavers with uneven edges and colors may suit your style.  Perhaps you’re leaning towards something contemporary looking.  Non-tumbled pavers in natural or grey tones with clean lines may work for you. This is a very popular look currently.   If you want to make an area feel larger, light-colored pavers will do the trick because they reflect light.  Dark-colored pavers tend to make spaces look and feel smaller because they absorb light.    Make sure your design style is consistent throughout your landscape, even if certain outdoor features were installed at different times.


Downingtown patio installation using Blue 60


Consider the Texture

There are a variety of textures which include smooth, weathered, embossed or some that even look like flagstone. Smooth, rounded surfaces should be used where people will be walking.

Pick a Color that Complements your House

Homeowners tend to agonize over colors.  The most popular colors are earth-tones ranging from the tan/brown/sandstone color family to the grey/charcoal, terracotta family.  You’ll want to pick a color that goes well with your home’s exterior but don’t try to match it exactly.  One option is to pull in the roof color and trim of the house which will provide a nice accent.  Avoid monotony by combining two colors of pavers or use pavers with a blended color. Multicolored pavers tend to hide stains better.

Get two samples you’re interested in and keep an eye on them throughout the day…especially a cloudy, sunny or rainy day.  That way you’ll get a realistic feel of what to expect. Also consider personalizing our look by adding a contrasting border, seat wall or firepit.

Whitehouse Landscaping can design and install beautiful functional patios and walkways to complement your home in addition to helping you find the perfect look for your outdoor space.  We possess the knowledge, certifications and skill to guarantee that your patio or walkway is built to the industry’s finest standard.

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