Kids and Outdoors


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Kids Benefit Immeasurably from Playing Outside

When you think back to your childhood what do you remember? Is it the Saturday you stayed inside and did puzzles and watched TV or was it something that happened outside? I bet it is something that happened outside. Maybe it was climbing your favorite tree, wading in a stream, digging in a corner of the yard, building a fort or catching lightning bugs. Unfortunately, today’s children will be unlikely to treasure memories like that.


21% of today’s kids regularly play outside, compared with 71% of their parents.

Society today has a greater emphasis on technology, achievement and security issues which keep children from spending enough time outside enjoying nature. Statistics say that kids today have ‘nature deficit disorder’ or a deficiency in Vitamin N (N for nature).

Many adults wish for the same childhood experiences for their children or grandchildren.

Benefits of Children Spending Time Outdoors

Scientific research shows kids are happier and healthier when outdoor time is in better balance with indoor time.

  • Studies show that exposure to nature is calming, aids concentration, decreases aggression, stress, and depression. Children exercise better decision-making and problem solving. They develop a sense of independence. They think creatively.

  • Children who are allowed to play and explore outside are likely to be more adventurous, self-motivated and better able to understand risk when they grow up.

  • -Playing outside without coaches or parents, but with other kids, fosters imagination and helps teach youngsters to share, cooperate and solve problems.

  • Children who enjoy the outdoors have a much higher likelihood of becoming adults who enjoy hiking, gardening, jogging, biking or other outdoor activities.

Take Simple Steps

  • Take a walk in the woods or nature trail.

  • Let the children help plant a garden.

  • Camp in your backyard.

  • Let them play in dirt.

  • -Build a pond.

  • Create an animal habitat in your backyard with a bird feeder or a butterfly garden

One of the driving forces that inspired us to start our landscaping business was our love of outdoors as kids and our passion for the type of lifestyle that outdoors promotes. We feel less stress, more relaxed and more inclined to be active. That’s the best part of our business. We at Whitehouse Landscaping can directly help people get outdoors by creating not just beautiful spaces, but USABLE spaces to feel good in.

We all have the capability to help out kids get outside more. Let’s make an effort to take a child outdoors and let them fall in love with nature. Whitehouse Landscaping would be happy to help you make some changes to your back yard. Let us know how we can help.

Great Books to Read:

Vitamin N: The essential Guide to a Nature-Rich Life, Richard Louv

Last Child in the Woods, Richard Louv