Landscape Design-Build Consultations



If you’re thinking about adding a new  landscape design & build feature to your property, a renovation to your existing landscaping or are simply looking for yard solutions,  the first thing you do is to call a few landscaping companies to schedule a consultation. Whitehouse Landscaping offers free consultations. When you contact us, we will set up an appointment. Anticipate an enjoyable meeting, not a sales pitch. We’re anxious to listen to you and learn about your project and to discuss possible ideas and/or solutions.

Pre-Consultation Checklist for Homeowner

Preferences. Get a feel of what you like or dislike. Collect photos from books and magazines. Check out Houzz, a great place for inspiration. There are over 100,000 landscaping photos that can be viewed and stored into idea books.

Goals: Ask yourself, “What do I want to accomplish?” Improve curb appeal, more privacy or create a more inviting place for family and friends to gather?

Specific Needs: Think about the features you definitely want, such as a fireplace, sitting wall, a specific tree or plant or do you need suggestions?

Realistic Budget: The budget is usually the hardest part to tackle because of not knowing what landscaping costs or the opinion that a $ figure could possibly inflate a quote. Whitehouse Landscaping asks this question not because they want to take advantage of you, but rather we feel it’s our job to provide an honest picture of how far a particular budget will stretch and to make suggestions for the best landscaping plan for your home.

If you budget is unrealistic with what you want to accomplish, no problem! If the overall project is more than you want to invest, Whitehouse Landscaping can help you prioritize and plan in phases.

3-D Design

Walking Your Property

When it’s time to meet, we will walk your property with you. We might take photos, definitely take notes, measure areas that are involved. We want to leave knowing who your family is and how you will use your outdoor space. This will enable us to tailor our ideas or design for you.

No plan necessary for Phoenixville, PA renovation

No plan necessary for Phoenixville, PA renovation

Landscape Design or Ideas?

After discussing your landscape we can decide together how to proceed. Many projects do not require a sophisticated design, but rather a clear description of the work to be performed, or a simple sketch or plant list. For more involved projects, we will discuss a custom design and landscape design options so a client can actually visualize the finished product and to be able to make revisions. 3D renderings of the final design saves time and money in the long run because the client is confident he is getting the outdoors he envisions.

Whether you need a landscape renovation or a brand new outdoor living space, Whitehouse Landscaping would be happy to schedule a free consultation. Contact us today to start the process and allow us to help you and your landscape.