Incorporating boulders into your front or backyard landscaping is a relatively new trend and one that has definitely risen in popularity.  Boulders can upgrade landscaping and add a spark of creativity in what otherwise might be an ordinary landscaped bed or a grassy yard.   

Why Use Boulders in the Landscape?

Boulders come in different sizes, shapes, textures, and color.  They offer a unique look that adds dimension and depth to any landscape design.  Simply add them to your landscape for their sheer rugged beauty.     

Add a Focal Point

Boulders can showcase a specific area in your front or backyard landscaping.   Your eyes are naturally drawn to the area.    Adding a rock grouping (use an odd number for a grouping) or a single large boulder is a creative way to add natural, organic interest and height in a garden bed.   Use sporadic plantings of flowers and plants to highlight the boulder’s unique character.  Larger boulders mixed with trees and shrubs can help create a privacy screen. 

Accent Boulders with Lighting. 

Boulders can become magical at dusk with lighting.     Lighting can emphasize the boulder or plantings around it.  Uplighting creates even more interest.  A single spotlight or two or three lights placed around the boulder highlight the area.

Boulders Can Provide a Specific Function

Terracing a sloped yard.   Staging boulders on different levels can create tiers.  These act as retaining walls and reduce a steep elevation.  Plantings such as tall grass, etc. soften the area.  Boulder retaining walls are extremely effective in soil erosion and storm water runoff, giving the area a natural look. 

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Slight Elevation Change.  A single row of smaller boulders can soften a slight change in elevation.

Adding height.  Boulders can add height to a low groundcover or low planted garden area.

Address boulders.   Add house numbers to a large boulder in your front yard.  Make your address visible and use outdoor lighting for further enhancement.

Rock Border for Garden Beds.  Boulders can help mark the line between grass and landscaped beds especially in rustic gardens. 

Create a fire pit.  Boulders lend a natural look to an outdoor fire pit.  They look good as well as keeping the area safe.

Bordering a water feature.  Nothing beats the impact of boulders for water features to make the pond or waterfall look natural.

Use Boulders around Patios.  Intermingling boulders or using one gigantic one around the edge of a patio helps integrate planting and paver areas.  They also provide extra seating plus kids love to play on them.

Get Creative!

Here at Whitehouse Landscaping, we take pride in our ability to create and design unique outdoor living spaces.   We can use different types and sizes of rocks in our landscape design that help bring outdoor living spaces to life.

If you’d like to see how rocks can add to your landscape or to schedule a free consultation, let us know.  We’d be happy to help you create a front or backyard design layout that is sure to make you the envy of your neighbors.