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Natural stone can be stunning when incorporated into a landscape design.   It’s natural beauty and durability makes it a perfect choice for anyone who is looking for a totally natural landscape.   We have installed many natural stone walkways and patios over the years and the type of natural stone chosen was based on the look and feel of the patio and the surrounding landscape.   There’s no doubt that if you’re looking for a building material that is straight from nature, then natural stone is the clear choice.

What is Natural Stone?

Flagstone is a common term for any type of flat slab of natural paving, like bluestone, limestone, slate, travertine.    Natural stone is extracted from local quarries and can either be regular or irregular shaped and all are used for patios, walkways and fireplaces.  Natural stone costs more because it is quarried.

Bluestone is one natural stone that is popular in Pennsylvania and it gets its name from its blueish-gray hue.   Travertine stone is usually more textured and filled with little grooves.  It’s also very durable. 

Natural Stone Shape and Color

Natural stone can be cut into rectangular and square shapes of varying sizes but it’s also very popular in random irregular shapes and large slabs.   Random rectangle flagstone is ideal for creating a formal, organized look.  An irregular flagstone pattern emphasizes the natural shape of the stone and creates a more casual, rugged look.

Natural stone is available in a variety of colors, most often seen in shades of red, green, gray, blue and brown. 

Benefits of Using Natural Stone

For a completely natural look, nothing beats natural stone for a patio.   It ages well and is very will last a lifetime.    It makes for a more natural landscape once installed, and needs no special treatment.  Sweeping it off with a broom is all that is needed. 

What is the Best Hardscape Material for Your Patio or Walkway?

There’s no clear answer as to the best hardscape material.  It is a personal choice that ultimately comes down to your style, vision and budget.  Natural stone is more expensive than pavers because it needs to be excavated from a quarry. 

If you’re considering a new patio or walkway, it’s important to know your options. 

Homeowners must choose between the simple look of pavers versus natural stone.  To learn more about pavers, read Discover the Beauty, Durability and Warmth of Pavers

Expert Natural Stone Patio Design and Installation from Whitehouse Landscaping

The perfect blend of expert hardscaping and landscaping allows us to create the perfect backyard oasis.  And an integral part of the lasting beauty of natural stone is proper planning and installation.  With over 15 years of hardscaping and landscaping experience, a growing portfolio, and a team that truly cares about our clients, Whitehouse Landscaping has been providing landscape design services for homes in Montgomery County, Chester Counter and southeastern PA.

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