Outdoor Lighting Makes a Big Difference


Landscape lighting installation in Birdsboro, PA

Most people are completely moved when their system is initially turned on. And the best thing is that it continues as the seasons change.

You’ve spent a lot of time and money making your yard special, but you basically can’t enjoy it after the sun sets. Why not improve your landscaping by accenting your front yard or backyard with the warm glow of outdoor lighting. In addition, lighting will naturally improve your home security.

There’s a long list of practical reasons for adding night lighting to the landscape, among them safety, security, beautification, curb appeal and value. However, the bottom line is that all your landscaping during the day such as textures, colors, architecture, trees and shrubs are eye-catching details at night.

Turn Your Backyard into a Night-Time Social Area

Why not enjoy a romantic evening, family get-together, or just late night relaxing and hold the night at bay on your patio. Depending upon your layout of patio, you usually have a few lighting options to choose from.

Walkway with lighting in Pottstown, PA

Illuminate the Trees or Interesting Focal Points

Trees make great lighting opportunities. Up-lighting a specimen tree, shrub, a garden feature, mass planting or stone wall really accents your property. Depending on your yard, you can add lighting to distant beds with uplights and downlights which automatically makes your space seem larger and pushes the boundary of your home back. Highlighting areas in your yard extends your view while outside or inside your home. It’s a great way to illuminate your backyard.

Outdoor lighting in Phoenixville, PA

Light Up Pathways Leading To and Out of Your Yard.

If you have walkways that lead to or out of the backyard or front door, you should make sure these are lit up at night-time. It’s a great way insure safety.

The key to attractive lighting follows a “less-is-more philosophy”. Soft, natural light should mimic moonlight on the property. The end result is that you see the landscape, not the lights!

Allow Whitehouse Landscaping to install a custom landscape package to illuminate your home. We utilize LED lighting which may be more costly initially, but in the long run saves money and energy. Each project can be customized to the homeowner’s particular taste. For a free estimate, contact Whitehouse Landscaping at 484-300-4290 or visit www.whitehouselandscaping.com.