The Perfect Patio Design for This New Douglassville Home


A new home in Douglassville awaiting a patio design to turn their blank backyard into a beautiful outdoor living space.

Our designer and installation crew transformed this blank backyard into a beautiful outdoor living space.

Case Study: The Perfect Patio Design for This New Douglassville Home

Location: Douglassville, PA

Categories: 3D Design, Design/Build, Patio, Hardscaping, Fire pit, Landscaping

Products/Materials:  Techo Bloc Blu 60 (pattern portion of patio) Techo Bloc Hera (Paver soldier border), Techo Bloc Rocka Steps and Wall (steps into house), Mountain Fieldstone slab steps (from patio to backyard), Foxfield Boulders (used to raise the patio), Pennsylvania Irregular Flagstone (used as steppers from patio to yard)

The Challenge

We love to begin a project with a blank slate.  It’s a great experience to be able to transform a backyard with only grass into a custom outdoor living space.   The homeowners in Douglassville were interested in creating a welcoming patio with a fire pit that would provide the perfect outdoor setting for lots of outdoor activities in the years ahead.


Work begins to raise the patio to accommodate the slope with boulders giving it a unique, natural feel to the patio. Mountain Field stone slabs gives the space a focal point and access to the backyard.

Project Planning

After discussing our client’s vision and ideas for their patio and with the use of our advanced 3D design software, we were able to work up a plan that would transform their blank backyard into a beautiful outdoor living area.  The yard was sloped away from the back of the home making it necessary to raise the patio.  This was done using Foxfield boulders.  In using boulders instead of a block retaining wall we were able to create a more unique/natural feel to the final project.  Mountain Fieldstone slab steps were also incorporated into the design to allow better access to the back yard and became a focal point in the design.


A firepit will invite family and guests to sit by the fire and enjoy a glass of wine and good conversation.


A lovely Kousa Dogwood tree was planted as a focal point.  For the shrub selections, Hydrangeas and Miss Kim Lilac’s were used to add color the design while Boxwoods and Cryptomeria shrubs were used for year round color (evergreen).  Some of the perennials that were used to tie the design together were: Purple coral bells, Variegated Iris’s, Variegated lily turf, Yellow Daylilies and Salvia.


The finished patio looks out over our client’s beautiful property full of beautiful shrubs and perennials.


From a sparse backyard to the perfect patio space, our client gained the perfect space to spend time in their backyard.  We were so happy to able to transform this outdoor living area and our client was thrilled with the results:

We cannot say enough good things about Whitehouse Landscaping. From our initial meeting to the completion of our project Ted, Sam, and their crew were extremely professional, knowledgeable, and truly made our vision come to life! Drew and his crew were very hardworking, courteous, and communicated each step of the project with me which I really appreciated. We are so happy with the final result of our backyard patio and will be recommending Whitehouse Landscaping to our neighborhood, family, and friends! Thank you again to the entire team!”      Review from Sarah C., Douglassville, PA

Getting the most from your outdoor space takes detailed planning and experienced installers.

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