Pottstown Area Christmas Tree Disposal


Consider all the options when disposing your tree.

It’s time to take down the tree and if you treated yourself to the freshly cut, pine-scented variety, it’s always good to consider available options.  Let’s look at some choices:

Recycling.  This is the most environmentally friendly practice.  Recycling instead of throwing away extends the tree’s usability by allowing it to be turned into something else such as mulch and chips.   Keeping trees out of our landfills makes sense when you consider over 33 million Christmas trees are sold in the country yearly and 98% of these are grown specifically for cutting.

  • Many townships have a designated day for curbside recycling pick-up.
  • Often non- profit organizations, such as the boy scouts, organize a drop-off.
  • If you live near Pottstown, PA, Hillside Aquatic Swim Club near Gilbertsville will be the collection point on January 11th for The SAVE Alliance Foundation who will be using the chips for new educational trails.

Treat the Birds.  Place your tree near a birdfeeder and the birds will use it as shelter when feeding.   Or if you live in a rural area, throw it in the woods and it will serve as shelter for small animals.

Start a Tradition.  Drag it to the backyard and have a bonfire.  Invite the family to enjoy some warmth and New Year cheer.

Whitehouse Landscaping, www.whitehouselandscaping.com likes to feel that we are a  ‘green company in progress’.  Changing how we think and act about the environment is the first step in our commitment to being green.  We’re committed to being more earth conscious in our work and recycle habits.   One example is our Organic-based Fertilization  Program that is safe for the earth, families and pets.

Give your tree a second cause and let your Christmas tree keep giving.