Prepping Your Yard for Spring


Nothing sets off a garden bed than a crisp, clean edge.

Keeping your property looking great is not an easy task.  As the seasons change, you’re aware of its needs, but you might not be aware of what tasks are  important, let alone when to do them.

If you have the time and enjoying doing the work yourself, or you’ve been searching online for “landscapers near me,”  you want to be sure that the most important landscaping tasks are completed  so that your yard looks spectacular this spring.


Prune most plants before they start to grow (except spring blooming shrubs- you’ll want to wait until after flowering).   Focus on pruning out dead, damaged or diseased stems; thin out dense shrubs to increase light and air flow and prevent disease and make thinning cuts to reduce size if needed.


Mulch retains moisture for plants and inhibits weed growth.

Mulching and Edging the Beds

Grass naturally grows into your beds leaving a messy, unruly edge.  Edge a crisp line between the two which will help keep your mulch contained and give it a nice appearance.  Fresh mulch not only looks great, but it help retain moisture for your plants’ roots during dry periods.  An additional benefit is that mulch helps to inhibit weed growth.


Continue to remove leaves and debris from lawn; tune up lawn mower in preparation for the season and start mowing at height of 3 to 3.5” when growth begins.

Weeding & Cleaning Up

Remove annual weeds to prevent them from seeding. Damp soil makes it much easier to pull young weed seedlings.   Remove matted leaves to uncover early spring emerging bulbs. Add a layer of mulch after weeding to keep weeds down and reduce watering in the summer.

Bed Maintenance  

Your front yard curb appeal often comes down to how your planting beds are maintained.  Evaluate your foundation plantings and make sure your shrubs are performing their best.   Beds need weed control to keep them looking good.  Seasonal plant installation of annual flowers really enhances your beds.

Cut Back Ornamental Grasses

If you left your ornamental grasses up for winter interest, any time now is good to cut back.  You don’t need to wait for new growth.  Cut grasses to within a few inches of the ground.  They’ll come back up when they’re ready.

Be Patient

Never walk, or work in mucky soil.  Stay off soggy lawns and garden beds.   Soil can turn to concrete if you are too eager to start working outdoors.  Wait until the soil is no longer wet enough to form a ball in your hand to start your clean up.


Pansies bring early spring color to your yard.

Treat Yourself to a Little Color

We all need a little encouragement and cheering up in late March and April because the outdoor chores seem at times overwhelming and we’ve been forced to be inside for months.  Plant some containers with pansies or violas and you’ll be instantly cheered up when you look out at your deck or patio, or pull in from work and see your spring container at your front entrance.

Need Help with Your Spring Clean Up?

There are times our intentions are outweighed by family responsibilities like attending children’s sporting events, helping out with parent’s needs, or just wanting more free time to do what you love.  That’s where Whitehouse Landscaping comes in.

Whitehouse Landscaping offers a complete solution for your landscape needs.   We provide complete maintenance services to lift the burden of keeping your landscape in a healthy, attractive state.  We tailor our approach to landscape maintenance for each of our client’s particular needs assuring that every landscape gets the attention and care it truly deserves.