Residential Garden and Lifestyle Trends for 2013


Gardening is bringing joy and satisfaction to over-scheduled homeowners

Every year, surveys are taken and articles are written about gardening trends for the upcoming year.  The Garden Media Group released their 2013 report and overall predicts a very positive trend in the way people are re-defining the concept of “happiness”.   People are stressed out more from the demands of modern life and are re-evaluating their priorities and re-defining the concept of “happiness”.  More and more people are discovering how gardening can bring them joy and satisfaction.

5 ‘forces of nature’ shaping choices for homes, gardens and landscapes

  1. Wellness – There’s a tapering off of backyard vegetable gardens and continuing interest in herb gardening in 2013.  Herbs will be “the next hot edibles” and they are super easy to grow in containers and gardens.
  1. Aqua Forces – The need to reduce water consumption is driving the demand for drought tolerant plants, including natives and ornamental grasses.  Rain gardens and water efficient irrigation are becoming more popular.
  1. Color Forces – Pantone’s palette for 2013 forecasts a wide range of bright cheerful colors.  Garden Media is calling them happy yellow, bright blue, positive pink and healthy green.
  1. Natural Forces – More demand for natural solutions for weed and pest control that are safe for the environment, people and pets.Whitehouse Landscaping has been in the forefront as advocates for an organic, sustainable approach to lawn care.  We use Holganix, the natural green solution to enhance your lawn with natural bio-nutrients.   Holganix is safe for you, your family and the environment, so you can have the lawn you dream of without the guilt of using toxic chemicals.
  1. Ground Forces – People are purchasing products that boost and heal Mother Nature.  In the garden, people are beginning to appreciate the importance of gardening from the ground up and are taking a special interest in healthy soil and what goes into it.