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Landscape Maintenance Services keep lawns healthy and green and beds weed free.

Your yard changes along with the seasons and always brings a new set of chores.  Sometimes it seems that you just finish up your spring checklist, when it’s time to stay on top of your summer to-do list.  We believe that landscape maintenance shouldn’t be your part-time job!

There are those who find it satisfying to constantly be in a work mode outdoors.  They might have a desire to get some physical exercise, or they just get a sense of accomplishment from knocking out projects..  But there are those who simply do not have time in their busy lives to do yard work and would rather be playing golf or spending time with the kids.  And for those who fit into ‘let someone else do it so I can relax and enjoy my leisure time’ mode, a seasonal landscape maintenance contract with a reputable landscaping company is the way to go!

Benefits of a Professional Landscape Maintenance Service for Your Yard

Landscape Maintenance Service Gives You More Free Time.  If your life is full of other responsibilities, you’ll not have the adequate time to devote to maintaining your landscape properly.  Maintenance work is time-consuming and taking short cuts won’t do your landscape any favors.

Landscape Maintenance Service Can Save You MoneyThink about all the equipment and tools you don’t have to buy…let alone the space that they take up.  The crew shows up equipped with the proper tools and equipment, such as leaf blowers, high powered lawn mowers, and aeration equipment, pruning tools, shovels, hoes, edgers  etc. and they have the skill level and experience to use the equipment.   Take one example, the investment you have in your shrubs and trees.  Maintaining their plant health and pruning them property protects your investment.

Landscape Maintenance Service Insures You a Healthy, Beautiful Lawn.   Not everyone has a green thumb and that’s ok!  But professional lawn care services can help with that.   Keeping a lawn healthy and green requires knowledge and skill regarding soil types, fertilization, and disease and insect control.  Second guessing on how to treat lawn problems can result in buying the wrong products or even doing damage to your existing lawn.  Professional lawn maintenance includes skilled and experienced crews to take care of your lawn which needs to be considered compared to the cost of DIY lawn care.

Landscape Maintenance Service Keeps Your Landscape Beautiful Year-Round. 

An immaculate property can be a real source of pride and happiness for any homeowner.  Most professional landscapers offer a customizable, four season maintenance plan that is tailored to your needs.  Plans can be adjusted to weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly visits.  It gives the homeowners peace of mind that his outdoor living area is will be maintained regardless of a homeowner’s hectic lifestyle.

Seasonal Landscape Maintenance Services

Spring Maintenance

  • Removal of fall and winter debris
  • Tree and shrub pruning and cut down of ornamental grasses
  • Re-edging & mulching
  • Fertilizing lawn
  • Weeding pulling and preventative weed control treatments
  • Plant installation
  • Mowing and trimming

Summer Maintenance

  • Continuing mowing
  • Disease and pest management
  • Weeding and pruning tasks

Fall Maintenance

  • Aeration and overseeding
  • Leaf removal
  • Planting/transplanting trees and shrubs
  • Seasonal color displays

Winter Maintenance

  • Snow removal
  • Pruning
  • Tree and shrub removal

A neat and tidy property can be a true source of pride for any homeowners.  For this reason, seasonal landscape maintenance services are becoming increasingly popular in recent years.  Homeowners like to customize their maintenance package, establish a schedule and forget about it so they can take enjoy their free time.

A neat and tidy property can be a true source of price for homeowners

Landscape Maintenance Services for Pottstown, Gilbertsville, Collegeville, Glenmoore and Surrounding Areas

Whitehouse Landscaping has a knowledgeable team of landscaping maintenance experts who know the right way to tackle all your maintenance projects.   We recognize every property is different, so our landscape maintenance services are specifically tailored to address your home’s needs in a way that keeps your property looking its best.

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