Shrubs We Love – Viburnums


Vibernum berries. Photo Image: Pixabay

Think multi-season interest when you go shrub shopping.  A shrub that offers interest any day of the year is a winner!


Viburnums are fantastic shrubs that produce showy, fragrant flowers in the spring and also offer colorful and delicious fruit for birds in the fall.  Some viburnums are deciduous with awesome fall color; others are semi-evergreen or evergreen and offer distinct winter interest.   We think viburnums are the most versatile and yard worthy genus you can find!

How to Choose the Best Viburnum for Your Landscape

Decide which characteristics and aesthetic features that you prefer and your individual site conditions (sun/shade/space) in which the shrub will be planted.

Flower Characteristics:  There is no singular viburnum flower. Choose between fragrant, semi-snowball, lace-cap and tube flowers.  Most have either white or pinkish flowers.

Fruit Characteristics:  Most produce attractive clusters of fruit which are very popular with overwintering birds.

Foliage Characteristics: There is no one viburnum foliage.  There are deciduous, semi-evergreen or evergreen and many deciduous varieties with awesome fall color.

Size Characteristics: The height can range from 2 feet to 20 feet and the spread can range from 6 feet to 15 feet.

Cultural Requirements: Most prefer full sun but will adjust to partial shade.  They attract few pests and are not terribly particular about  their soil.

Scott Arboretum,  grows approximately 60 types, many of which can be seen by Trotter Hall and around the Science Center.  This is a great field trip to see so many varieties in bloom.

What’s not to love about this outstanding genus of flowering and fruiting shrub! If you need help with choosing your new shrubs, give Whitehouse Landscaping a call at 484-300-4290.