Yard Drainage Problems and How to Fix Them


Does your yard look like a mini lake after a heavy rain? Do your plants and lawn struggle to grow because of wet areas? Do you have erosion and migrating soil and mulch? If your yard doesn’t effectively drain during wet periods, you’ve got drainage problems. However, you’ll be happy to know that most drainage problems can be fixed.

Pottstown Dry Creek Bed

Pottstown Dry Creek Bed

Problem #1 – Downspouts and Gutters Improperly Installed

An interesting statistic – one inch of rain falling on a 1,000 square foot roof produces 623 gallons of water that will run off the roof and into the gutters. This volume of water can erode soil adjacent to the foundation creating low areas where water will stand. Therefore, it’s recommended that all downspouts are directed away from the house and in some cases, the spouts need to be connected to a drainage systems to carry the water even further. If gutters are overflowing, make sure there’s not a ton of debris that is compromising the flow.

Problem #2 – Grading Issues

Most often these issues are caused by improper grading. Unfortunately, builders don’t always get the grade right. These low spots are a perfect scenario for puddling and creating a mess. And it’s these very muddy surfaces that attract kids and pets! Regrading the area, installing a swale or filling in the low area will help drain the water away from the spot. A soggy spot can also be improved by replanting with water-tolerant plants. Plants will aesthetically improve the soggy spot, soak up the remaining water, attract beneficial pollinators, and slowly improve drainage issues by loosening the soil with their roots.

Crew was hard working and friendly. Ted gave pleasant yet honest advice about our drainage issues.” Peg and Richard S., Royersford, PA

Problem #3 – Runoff from Paved Surfaces

Driveways can also create a steady stream of water. Again, the key is to divert the water elsewhere, which can be done with drains or other creative solutions like gravel and rocks.

Problem #4 – Landscaping

Poorly installed foundation beds can sometimes be too raised and slope back to the house. Add the problem of overflowing gutters, and you have too much water directed to the structure. Make sure your beds are graded away from the house.

Problem #5 – Neighbor Run Off

If your neighbor lives above your property, erosion naturally occurs. It’s not necessarily your neighbor’s fault. It’s just the lay of the land. During a heavy rain, watch how the water runs into your yard and consider diverting the water by building a berm or swale.

The drainage repair that you did in my neighbor and my backyards in the early summer has withstood 25” of rain and has not had a puddle!! Great Job!” Candace L., Collegeville, PA

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