Our Landscape Design Process

On Site Consultations

On-Site ConsultationAt this first meeting we will listen to your ideas about the project and also make some suggestions. The next step is to discuss the investment the homeowner is looking to make for the project. This is an important step because it helps us create a design that will work for you. If you are unsure where to start regarding the costs of the project we can help you in this area. We will also discuss what type of landscape design options you are interested in pursuing. Different levels of design can be utilized to meet the homeowner’s needs and budgets.

Landscape Design Plans / Budgetary Estimate

After our first meeting we will take the information from the homeowner and start creating the landscape design. Once the design is completed we will create a budgetary estimate to coincide with the design. The budgetary estimate will include multiple material options, plant sizing options and add-on features to give the home owner a range to help create the final budget.

2D Landscape Design 3D Landscape Design Example Example Master Plan Layout

Design Consultation Meeting

At this meeting we will present the design and budgetary estimate. If any changes need to be made they will be discussed at this meeting.

Final Proposal

Once the details of the project are determined we will create the final proposal for your project.


Landscape InstallationThe first step will be a meeting with the designer of your project and the Project Coordinator / Foreman for the project. Once the project has started the designer will be on site a minimum of twice per week to check on the status of the project and to ensure the installation is following the design. The homeowner may contact the designer or project coordinator with any questions throughout the installation. All calls or emails will be responded to within 24 hours.

Final Walkthrough

Once the installation is completed a final walkthrough with the designer and the homeowner will be scheduled. If any items need to be addressed a punch list will be created and resolved in a timely matter.