Paver, Brick & Concrete Cleaning & Sealing

Is your hardscape dirty or stained?  Do you have moss or weeds growing out of your paver patio or walkway?  Maybe your concrete is looking darker than it used to. 

Paver, Brick Concrete Cleaning and Sealing

Paver, Brick Concrete Cleaning and Sealing

Professionally cleaning and sealing pavers can pay dividends on your patio or walkway investment.  Whitehouse Landscaping offers the state-of-the-art Seal ‘n Lock System combining high quality, paver protection products with a first-of-its-kind application process that restores the original beauty lost (due to harsh weather) in just 1 day!

My patio has a fresh new look and my neighbors can’t believe the difference!

Cecelia W., Limerick

The proven Seal ‘n Lock System:

  • Brick, Paver, and Concrete WalkwaysThe first ‘ALL IN ONE DAY’ process
  • Won’t harm people, pets or plants
  • Eliminates efflorescence
  • Provides a durable protective barrier against the elements
  • Delivers a long lasting natural luster or enhanced wet look
  • No toxic odor
  • Inhibits the growth of mold and weeds


Ordinary method:

  • Application can take 3-5 days
  • Turns pavers white from trapped moisture
  • Toxic odor from solvents
  • Harmful to vegetation
  • Additional costly polymeric sand application


EP Henry Brick Sealing Specialist