Creative Health Services

Creative Health Services planned to build a long term residence in Pottstown, PA for individuals diagnosed with mental illness.

The overall site design and goal was to include an outdoor environment for patient access which would promote a sense of well-being and also a welcoming spot to relax with family and friends.  By incorporating their vision, we created a space to improve the quality of life for the residents and secondarily, contribute to staff retention.


Pottstown Backyard Oasis

 We love to start a project with a blank slate.  It's a great experience to be able to transform a backyard with only spotty grass into a custom outdoor living space.  The homeowners in Pottstown, PA were looking for a place to relax with their family and to have an area to do some gardening.  They also had an issue on the side of the house where they would have constant washout and difficulty getting grass to grow.