Retaining Walls & Sitting Walls

Add retaining walls for terracing, extra seating and reinforcing a bank.

Retaining Walls are a part of landscape designYour landscape can be enhanced by retaining walls in many ways.  They can increase the size of your yard and make unusable parts of your yard more accessible.

Retaining walls are a service we offer to our clients who need erosion control, terracing or an elevation change in their landscaping. A well built wall system can reinforce hills and slopes and at the same time be an attractive enhancement to your property.  In addition, adding retaining walls to create extra seating around a patio helps with those large, family gatherings.

Retaining Walls are created by hardscape contractorsProper construction is essential especially when a retaining wall is holding up an entire section of your backyard.  Rely on our experience and ideas for a well-built stone or block creation.

Retaining Walls are installed by landscaping companies

Boulders, Outcropping Stone or Block Retaining Walls

Retaining Walls are created by hardscape contractorsRetaining walls, steps and patios can be built from many different types of materials.  Block walls give optimum strength and a wide assortment of styles.  A retaining wall or planting area made out of natural stone enhances your landscape.