2 Tips to Make Your Landscape Beds Attractive & Low Maintenance


A new walkway is flanked with low growing plants.

Have you always wanted to take your landscape beds to the next level?    Previous owners of your home may have lined up a few scattered plants along your home’s foundation beds or planted shrubs surrounding your deck or patio that have outgrown their space.  Your property may look blah, incomplete and lack a pleasant, welcoming feeling.

Many properties can benefit from a few small-scale, but high-return changes that drastically improve curb appeal.  So let’s dive in to see what changes can make a difference in your landscape beds.

What Makes a Landscape Bed Look Appealing?

A variety of plants in different shapes and sizes create visual interest.  Simplicity rules!  Professionally designed beds may have a layered look that adds dimension and depth and are sized correctly for the area.  There are various levels of sophistication for planting beds, from a single planting, one layer deep with perennials planted in the forefront to larger beds with three layers of plants.   It usually comes down to the homeowner and how much they love landscaping or how little they care.


A renovated landscape bed in Harleysville improves curb appeal


Renovating Tips to Make Your Landscape Beds Attractive & Low Maintenance

Clean Edges.  Nothing sets off your garden beds like a nice, crisp edge.  Landscape beds look beautiful when you can see a clear definition of where they stop and the lawn begins.  You’ll be surprised what a crisp, finished look it gives your landscaping.  Whitehouse Landscaping offers a full range of landscape maintenance services, including edging, ensuring our clients a beautiful property.

Plant Low-Growing Shrubs.  Low-growing shrubs, often called dwarf shrubs, have a lot of great qualities that make them attractive to plant in landscape beds.  They are extremely low maintenance because they don’t require pruning.  You simply plant and forget and fit well with busy lifestyles.  Another nice attribute is that these plants keep the weeds down since many grow densely which prevent weeds from germinating.

Examples of two low-growing shrubs that have excellent habits are:

Low Scape Mound Aronia. Photo courtesy of Proven Winners

Low Scape Mound Aronia has something to offer for all seasons.  It naturally grows as a neat little tuffet, a unique habit that suits it for edging, ground cover, and perennial beds.

Chardonnay Pearls Deutizia  is covered with white flowers in the spring, and has bright yellow-green foliage shines all season long.  They look great with limelight hydrangea.

Landscape bed in Pottstown, PA

Levels of Landscape Beds

The typical look of a newly built home with minimal landscaping has a row of foundation shrubs, one layer deep. But to introduce one level of sophistication, you can add some perennials or groundcovers to the front of the shrubs.

Additional sophistication can include some smaller shrubs in mid-ground and perennials in front of shrubs.  Make your beds even larger, and you’ll able to accommodate an ornamental tree or boulders.

A bed can also be designed in a way that sweeps into the open spaces of the yard defining spaces, screening unsightly views, and creating focal points and destinations in the landscape.

If you’re thinking about a new layout for your landscape beds, you might also want to consider reading  8 Best Compact Shrubs for a Sunny Yard and 6 Compact Evergreen Shrubs for Your Yard. 

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