8 Landscape Design Trends for a New Decade


With the current pandemic going on and warmer weather arriving, your family,  more so than ever, will be spending more time outdoors.   In the midst of hard days like these, we believe it even more important to make room for connection with nature and happy times with family.

Your outdoor living space is an extension of your home and definitely a place you can truly make unique.  It should be a comfortable space where you can hang-out and soak up quality time with your family

We’ve known for some time that investments in your landscaping can drive up property value and deliver that ROI in the form of creating a staycation destination.  So, let’s get busy and dive into popular landscape designs for 2020 that will extend your living rooms and give family members other places to relax outside of the home.

Determine your Family’s Lifestyle

Every family is different.  Would your family members enjoy a quiet space near water?   Would food and fun with each other kick it up a level outdoors?  Can you picture laughing with family around a fire?  Do you need kid activities or teen areas?  Think about what landscape elements in a landscape are uniquely Your Family and review some 2020 trends.

1 – Low Maintenance – Keep it easy!

Pachysandra groundcover planted on bank cuts down on maintenance.

This is a trend that will never go away.  Yard chores have never been high on the list of ‘fun things to do’ which is why keeping it low maintenance is a request we hear from homeowners all the time.

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Plant Natives.   Natives are easier to care for because they are accustomed to the climate and environment you live in plus they preserve the local ecosystem.  Simply focusing on colorful foliage provides a more permanent structure for your garden and lower maintenance.   Planting smaller lawns with groundcovers, and utilizing river rock mulch will give your space creativity, interest and curb appeal to an otherwise a bland expanse of lawn.  For additional ideas, you can read Low Maintenance Landscape Design Tips.

Of course, ‘low’ maintenance doesn’t mean ‘no’ maintenance and like anything else, your landscaping will only look as good as effort that is put into it.  So when you need help with yard chores, you can count on our Whitehouse Landscaping’s Maintenance Services to take care of it for you.

2 – Water Features – Ultimate tranquility

A water feature can create a tranquil ambiance in your outdoor space.

Water features have been around for a while, but a growing demand for this type of enhancement has increased.  The presence and sound of water near a patio is restorative, refreshing, and relaxing….especially in this digital world we live in.  There are several types of water features you can use to revitalize your landscape:  bubblers, ponds, waterfalls, pondless waterfalls.

3 – Multi-Function Landscapes – Why not have it all!

Multipurpose features in outdoor spaces make sense.  They maximize space and reduce costs.  Whether you have a small or large backyard, there are creative solutions to maximize every square inch.  Built-in seating walls can accommodate more people around a firepit or patio instead of pulling out more chairs to accommodate a large crowd.    Patio walls can define a space or provide privacy with both form and function.  Planter walls or vertical gardens can form an outdoor living room wall

4 – Outdoor Kitchens and Bars – Eat, drink and be merry

Outdoor kitchens are exploding beyond just the grill to include sinks, countertops, bars, conversation height bar counters, pizza ovens and more – they are all becoming popular for personalizing outdoor living space.

5 – Pergolas  – Make a great focal point

Add a pergola to your dining or conversation areas.  With bits of light filtering down on you during an early dinner, you’ll have created an inviting and airy spot for dining.   They add beauty and personality to your space.  Pergolas provide a unique structure that vine plants can grow on and some homeowners add long curtains along the asides that can further block the sun. A pergola has the unique ability to not only add height but create a room-like affect in the vast outdoors.

6Fire Pits and Fireplaces

Fire pits and fireplaces continue to stay on the landscaping trend list not only because this feature helps extend your outdoor living season, but it also services as a great conversation piece and an excuse to step away from technology for a bit.

7- Vertical Gardening – Grow up!

Vertical herb garden.

Picture planting walls filled with eclectic pots of annuals, edibles, perennials, grasses and herbs.  These walls allow for experimenting with different varieties, and the vertical structure can form an outdoor living room wall.  Trellises with vine plants or potted plants can help define outdoor rooms.  Whatever support system, be it a trellis, or even a fence is technically part of a vertical garden.  As more and more people embrace small home living, vertical gardening is a smart and efficient use of space.

8 – Touches of Blue – Add a touch of calm

The Pantone Color of the Year adds a colorful touch to your outdoor room.

The Pantone Color of the Year for 2020 is Classic Blue – a shade of blue that emulates the sky at dusk.  When you’re out and about looking for a few colorful touches to add to your outdoor room, find ways to weave this grade shade into your landscape.  Add throw pillows, and cushioned seats.    You’ll find some gorgeous blue pots to house your colorful flowers for your patio or deck.

Incorporate the New Trends into Your Outdoor Living Space

With a passion for landscape design and 18 years of experience, the team at Whitehouse Landscaping is ready to create your dream landscape that will be easy to maintain and is sustainable.   Families want outdoor rooms that they can enjoy and spend time with friends and family.    Count on the design team at Whitehouse Landscaping to deliver creative solutions so you can enjoy a backyard that fits your personal style and budget.


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