Step Solution for a Sloped Yard


Rocka Steps Installed in Spring City, PA

Could your yard use some steps?

Many properties in the Montgomery, Berks and Chester County areas have homes that are built on sloping terrain.  And the obvious landscaping challenge is often getting from point  A to point B safely.  We’re often asked during landscape consultations our opinion on step recommendations.

Natural stone outcropping steps are perfect for any naturalized hillside garden and pavers are also another option.  However, the downside of natural stone is that it can be quite expensive.  But a great alternative to natural stone are Rocka Steps.

There are plenty of options such as pavers and real stone that make for beautiful designs.     But there is another product that we believe has very exciting qualities which we want to feature in this article

Rocka Step Installed in Collegeville, PA

Rocka Steps Installed in Collegeville, PA

Featured Product:  Rocka  Steps by Techo-Bloc

Rocka outdoor stone steps help you create an elegant pathway regardless of the topography.   The steps are made of reinforced concrete with polymer additives for durability, and have the appearance of natural stone.

Techo-Bloc is one of the most well recognized names in the hardscape industry.  With their state of the art manufacturing, they offer one of the finest monolithic concrete steps available in 48” and 60” widths.  Each step has 6 unique faces for a natural effect, and is available in five colors to match any hardscaping or landscaping color palette.

We particularly like rocka steps for their longevity.  Traditional steps built from retaining block and caps rely on the glue to keep the cap in place.  It is inevitable that over time, the glue could fail but with rocka steps, this issue is eliminated.

Techo-Bloc offers a transferable life-time warranty on its products which covers the structural integrity of the products.  These impressive carved-stone steps come in rustic and traditional styles and provide a wonderfully wide walking surface.

They can be used for a walkway, patio & terrace, garden, pool decks and outdoor steps.

Building Steps on a Slope

Steps can be a lovely addition to you sloping yard and can serve both a practical and aesthetic purpose.  They can complement surrounding plantings and help anchor your landscape design.

Precise, professional installation is usually necessary to ensure a stable structure that will last for years.  It’s necessary to excavate flat areas in the slope where you will place your stones and of course, formulate a plan involving step height and width.  Using natural stone is more challenging in that they rarely perfectly flat which requires more precise installation.

Pottstown Walkway Installation using Rocka Steps

Pottstown Walkway Installation using Rocka Steps

Our Clients Love their Rocka Stone Steps

Whitehouse Landscaping can help you with this challenging project.   Our many installations using Rocka outdoor stone steps will show you how we’ve incorporated a steep incline into a cohesive outdoor landscaping plan.

Give us a call at 484-300-4290 or request a free consultation on our website.  We would be happy to help you on your hillside project.