Choosing Between a Flagstone Patio or Paver Patio? Which Is Right for You?


Chester Springs flagstone patio and fire pit.

Installing a patio in Pottstown, Gilbertsville, Chester Springs, Malvern or nearby communities is not only exciting in that it adds beautiful outdoor living space to your yard but at the same time, it can increase your property’s value.

However, making this decision requires you to choose what materials to use for the patio.  At Whitehouse Landscaping, we have designed and installed hundreds of custom patios using the two most popular materials: flagstone (natural stone) and pavers (a manufactured concrete product).

Which material is right for you:  Flagstone or Pavers?  Read more.

Pavers Offer Many Versatile Design Options

Manufactured Concrete Pavers are not as expensive as natural stone which makes their price point attractive to homeowners.  Pavers come pre-sized and are less labor-intensive to install because cutting is minimized.

Customizing options are endless since pavers come in a wide variety of shapes, colors, textures and patterns.  Your space can be unique simply by the way the pavers are laid out.

Patio pavers are durable and long-lasting and they are resistant to cracking, frost erosion, and other wear and tear.  They will generally last about 50 years as long as they are routinely cleaned and resealed for protection.  Quality tends to vary with concrete pavers, so it’s especially important to choose a reputable brand for durability.  We use companies like Techo Bloc.

Concrete pavers don’t get as hot under foot as many types of flagstone which makes them a desirable surface for around the pool.

Flagstone – Natural Look and Durable

A stunning paver patio in Bryn Mawr, PA

Flagstone is a flat paving stone, a sedimentary rock, that is actually bound together by minerals and thousands of years of pressure.  Flagstone  can be cut and shaped in a variety of ways, allowing for unique patterns.

Natural stone is commonly referred to as flagstone and can include slate, travertine, limestone, sandstone, and bluestone.    They are popular in landscape design due to their durability, nature-inspired stone look, and rich colors.  It comes in lovely irregular shapes or can be cut into square or rectangular slabs of varying sizes.

Flagstone will last for your lifetime and beyond and truly stands the test of time.  Installation cost for flagstone typically drives up the price of the project approximately 30%.over the cost of pavers.

Pavers Vs Flagstone:  Make the Best Decision for You! 


Phoenixville walkway installed with pavers.

Both natural Flagstone and manufactured pavers are quality materials and are excellent choices for your hardscaping project and either one will look fantastic with your patio design.  It all depends on your vision and budget.

At Whitehouse Landscaping, we have been designing and installing patios and walkways for over 20 years in the Pottstown, Gilbertsville, Chester Springs, Malvern  and surrounding towns.   Choosing a landscaping contractor that excels in the landscape design process is your first step. Your investment in a custom outdoor living area is sizable and you need to get it right the first time.  Our hardscape services at Whitehouse Landscaping have you covered!

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