3 Benefits of Using a Design-Build Landscaping Company for Your Project


A design-build landscaping company, like Whitehouse Landscaping, has the capability of not only designing your new landscaping project, but also installing it.  This concept works well with homeowners with large and small landscaping projects.

Benefits of Using the Design Build Process

Getting to work with one company from start to finish has a huge advantage.  You as the homeowner sign one contract and communicate with one company versus hiring and managing multiple companies involved in the process such as a designer and possible multiple contractors.  Whitehouse Landscaping builds what we design.  The designer intimately understands construction and the building team understands design.  They work harmoniously together through the entire process.  Having one company responsible for every aspect of the project gives a homeowner a sense of control over their project.


A fireplace and patio in Phoenixville, PA designed and installed by Whitehouse Landscaping.

1 – Landscape Design Costs Are More Reasonable

Quite often a landscape architect makes detailed drawings and specifications to insure the selected landscaping contractor will have a clear understanding of how a design is to be installed.   No doubt they do a thorough job but unnecessary intricate drawings and construction documentation only add to your budget dollars.

You can eliminate some of the intricate drawings if the designer and the hardscaping crew who build your project are from the same company and collaborate throughout the entire project.

Smaller scaled projects do not require a sophisticated design, but rather a clear description of the work to be performed.  Sometimes, a simple sketch or plant list is all that is necessary.   A proposal can be given with the agreed upon landscape idea and location of elements.

For more sophisticated projects, a custom design or other landscape design options such as 3D design would be necessary and charged accordingly to the size of the project.  A well-designed landscape design takes into account the natural environment and transforming ‘problem’ areas (such as hilly terrain or water retention and) into useable, attractive outdoor living space.  Whitehouse Landscaping has the capability of making a 3D landscape design which has so many benefits for homeowners.


A patio with retaining wall in Wayne, PA designed and built by Whitehouse Landscaping

2 – Communication Is Simplified and Easier

Working with one company from start to finish allows you to get to know each other and the convenience of having only one point of contact.  The landscape design build consultation helps the designer to better understand your vision and lifestyle.  Everyone in the company works together as one single source.   Communication lines are already set up between the designer and the project manager for your installation.  They already have a working relationship and speak the same language.  There’s a bond of cooperation that exists between the design and construction team and they work closely together to make sure your vision is implemented.

You, as a client, are an important part of the team and will be involved from design to implementation to the final walk through.  You’re kept abreast of any changes during the design or construction process and will be frequently updated with the progress.

And as a side note, don’t be afraid to discuss your budget with your landscape contractor. A good designer wants to design the best space possible for your budget.  And a good contractor wants to knock your project out of the ballpark so you’ll be thrilled with the transformation.  Don’t let your designer work in the dark.  You’ll be pleased to have a design that maximizes every possible resource to make your vision come to life.


A 3D Design for a patio project by Whitehouse Landscaping

3 – More Control over Budget with Design and Materials

A Landscape design-build company has excellent relationships with both local nurseries and hardscaping suppliers.  A designer knows what makes up a practical installation.  He or she understands the best type of pavers, stone or building materials to use for an exceptional hardscaping project and what plant materials are available at the time.

A designer within a design-build company has the creativity to design a great outdoor living space but at the same time, knows how to design to keep the costs down.  Your landscape design will be tailored to your specific needs and vision, but the crew’s talents and strengths will also be factored into the installation.  A complicated and unnecessary design feature that the crew is unfamiliar with will drive the cost up.


Everyone in the design-build company work together as one single source.

We Design, Build and Maintain Beautiful Landscapes

One additional benefit of having Whitehouse Landscaping involved with designing and installing your new outdoor living space is that we offer a complete line of maintenance services that you can utilize after your installation.  Whether its lawn care, tree and shrub care, yard drainage issues, or paver cleaning and sealing, we’re experts in complete property care.  Keeping your outdoors looking in tip top shape is easy and using the same company you already have a relationship with.

Whitehouse Landscaping can help you with all of your design, construction and maintenance needs.  If you’ve been thinking of improving your outdoor living experience for your family, we welcome your call at 484-300-4290 or contact us to start the conversation.