Color of the Year Just Perfect for the Landscape


Wild Rose Heuchera. Photo credit: Proven Winners

Marsala is the Pantone’s Choice for 2015

The Pantone people describe Marsala as: “A naturally robust, earthy wine red enriching our minds, bodies and souls.”  We’re not normally aware of Pantone’s choices since we’re really not into fashion and home interiors.  But shrubs and trees of this color do make wonderful additions to the landscape.

Red-Purplish Foliage

Dark leafed plants come in a variety of colors ranging from purple to burgundy to maroon.  What’s not to love about purple foliage plants!  Purple foliage livens up any landscape.  Some even display different shades of purple over the course of the growing season and the sun exposure.  Placing colorful shrubs in the landscape can have an interesting effect and rich, red leaves add a whole new color palette into a green landscape.  

Some of our Favorites

Weigela florida Wine & Roses have spring flowers that make for a great combo with purple leaves.  Loves sun and will reward you with the best color. 

Purple smoke tree (Cotinus coggygria cultivars) can grow into a  tree, but it’s often cut down to the ground in late winter. 

Black elderberry (Sambucus nigra) is a tall shrub that has some new purple-leaved selections such as the Exquisite Black Lace with finely-cut, purple black leaves. 

Ninebark, Physocarpus ‘Diabolo’ is a 10’ shrub and should be pruned back every couple years.  The ‘Tiny Wine’ is a dwarf version and grows to 3-4’.

And in the Perennial camp, you just can’t go wrong with Heuchera.  Heucheras come in assorted colors but they have gorgeous purple shades that show off their color all season.

Liven up your Landscape

If your landscape is mostly shades of green, mix in some red-purplish foliage shrubs and trees and you’ll be delighted with the contrast.  Whitehouse Landscaping offers complete landscaping services.  Contact us today and let our horticultural knowledge and experience help you with your landscaping needs.