Designing a Front Walkway


Walkways should be a minimum width of four feet

The path to the front door should welcome guests and suggest the peaceful, cozy environment that lies inside.  Many walkways are the narrow “builder installed walkways” that lack aesthetic appeal.  Since most company arrives in pairs, a wider sidewalk allows two people to walk side by side.  Sidewalks to the front door should be a minimum four feet wide and installing a 5 foot walkway also lends itself for a wider gathering area where people can congregate near the front door

Walkway in Plymouth Meeting, PA

Straight vs Curved Walkways

A meandering, curved path can be charming but a straight path can be softened by creating a curved flower/shrub border along the outside of the walkway.  This way the sidewalk runs through the landscape with plants on both sides.

Interlocking Pavers are Durable and Affordable

Pavers are extremely popular and an affordable alternative to stone.  There are a wide variety of choices to choose from.  They lend an air of warmth and increase curb appeal.  Pavers require little maintenance to maintain their beauty.

Make Foundation Plants Interesting

Sometimes a 3 foot strip of earth between the walkway and the house foundation is too narrow for shrubs and the only way to landscape is having all the shrubs line up in a straight line.  New homes often receive this type of token foundation plantings.  Wider beds provide for deeper plantings.  Layering evergreen and deciduous shrubs will make plants look more natural.  Older homes may have tired, overgrown shrubs that block windows and extend into the walkway.  Choosing plants with berries or shrubs that offer fall color will extend interest beyond summer.

Don’t Forget Lighting

Walkway in Spring City
Walkway in Spring City

Incorporating lighting so that the path is easy to see and travel on after the sun has gone down.  Creating a visual flow in a front yard is important and the walkway is a big part of this. Take a moment and focus on your front walkway.  Make your walkway a destination instead of just a walkway.  Every step should be a treat for the eyes…a bench here, a flower bed there…a boulder or water fountain to accent the journey.

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