To Cut Down a Tree or Not…That is the Question! Thoughts on Cutting Down a Tree


Overgrown Tree

What makes a tree undesirable and is it ever OK to remove it

Guilt enters into everyone’s mind when the subject of cutting down a tree on your property is discussed.   There’s one big reason to entertain the thought….

It’s the Wrong Tree for the Spot!

There are plenty of reasons that trees fall into disfavor such as:  the tree is too close to the house or hanging over the house, out of scale, prohibits sunlight to enter the house, it’s unattractive, prone to breaking, leaning, dropping unsightly debris, shallow roots damaging the pavement, patio or driveway, it’s diseased infested.

So what is the best landscaping solution….REMOVE IT.

When a tree was planted originally, it was planted with the purest intentions.  But time has a way of distorting the original intent and for a myriad of reasons, sticks out like a sore thumb.  Dismiss the guilt!  It’s not a mistake to take down a tree.  There’s no scarcity of trees and in fact, many of us live in communities that were once farmland so new trees are being planted regularly.

A good rule of thumb when planting a new tree is that large trees should be at least 20 feet from your house.  Small trees, such as dogwood, may be planted as close as 6 feet from the house.

If you need help evaluating a tree on your property, call Whitehouse Landscaping  at 484-300-4290 and Sam, a Certified Arborist can help you decide it’s fate.