Dormant Pruning – Best Time Is Now


Photo Credit: Pixabay

Protect Your Investment by Keeping Trees and Shrubs Healthy

Late fall and winter are great times for pruning.  Professional pruning of your valuable trees and shrubs keeps them looking great and protects them problems down the road.

Benefits of Pruning and Trimming

  • Avoid storm damage.  Major snow storms can put a heavy load on your trees and shrubs.  Selective pruning can minimize structurally weak branches.
  • Encourage healthy growth.  Reducing and balancing the crown (everything above ground) allows the root system to support it.  Plus removing dead branches improves appearance.  Pruning, if done property, maintains the plant’s natural shape.
  • Waiting until winter is smart.  Most woody plants are dormant and it’s easier to see what you’re doing without the leaves obstructing the view.
  • Improves your property value and the aesthetics of your yard.

Are You Shrubs Overgrown or Badly Pruned?

Renewal pruning helps achieve a more natural look.  It invigorates older, neglected shrubs.


Plants blooming on “new wood” (usually by late June), should be pruned back hard when they first show signs of spring.  Some examples are Butterfly bush, Clethra,  Spiraea.  Spring blooming shrubs or those that flower on “old wood” such as Azaleas, Forsythia, Fothergilla, Rhododendron, and Lilac should be pruned immediately after they’ve bloomed.

Your landscape is a big investment.   Our professional pruning can help protect that investment.  Don’t be confused about when to prune certain shrubs. Now is a great time to schedule a tree and shrub evaluation to determine what types of pruning your property needs.  Give Whitehouse Landscaping a call at 484-300-4290.