Do I Need a Landscape Design?


3-D Landscape Design

The size of your outdoor project determines the type of design.

Are you contemplating a new outdoor living area?   Some people find it hard to visualize their new renovation if the proposal consists of a sketch or drawing of the outdoor space.   However, 3D Landscape Design helps clients visualize the completed project and makes it more comfortable for them to proceed with the project.  A sketch with description of a proposed project works fine if it’s a smaller project.

3D Design at Whitehouse Landscaping

We believe that proper planning is the key to a successful project.  And the landscape design process represents a big piece of that planning.  3D Landscape Design is the ideal way for you to visualize your outdoor space as an extension of your home and surrounding yard.  It truly is the best way for you to picture what your new landscape will look like in your backyard

Advantages of 3D Design for Clients

1. Accurately visualize the overall proposed project.

2. Show current home exterior and grade changes.

3. View the project from the inside of their home.

4. Confirms the choice of materials and colors.

If you’re thinking about a major landscaping project but are worried that you can’t picture what your new patio or project will look like, our professionals can work up a stunning 3D rendering that will exceed your expectations.  Whitehouse Landscaping offers individualized solutions for your landscaping needs.  Contact Whitehouse Landscaping for a free consultation.