Front Yard Landscaping Renovation

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Know 5 easy steps for transforming your front yard.

Has your front yard lost its curb appeal?  Have the shrubs that the builder planted long ago block your window views?  Did you inherit unhappy shrubbery or simply just not your style?

For some reason, many homes have trees and shrubs that have outgrown their area.  The initial problem was a poorly designed landscape and years later, it has become a maintenance nightmare and eyesore.

Don’t despair!  At first it’s hard to visualize a renovation when the existing landscaping is in place.  But break the project into 5 easy steps and it will make this kind of project more manageable.

How to begin a front yard landscaping renovation

1.  Draw the front of your home on graph paper and eliminate all current plants, walkways, boulders, etc.  Starting with a blank canvas will show you what your space looks like.

2.  Now draw in any elements that simply have to stay such as a huge boulder or shrub that you are sentimental about and work well in the space.

3.  What plants need to move?   If the shrub is nice looking, but in the wrong location, picture where it could be transplanted and look nice.

4.  What features would you like to see added….a wider walkway, a curved garden area around the lamp post or water feature outside the front door?

5.  Bid farewell to all those plants that clearly distract from your home’s appearance.

Discover the potential and beauty of your front yard

A well landscaped yard not only improves home curb appeal but makes your home stand out in your neighborhood.   Whitehouse Landscaping can provide all the services you need to transform your front yard into an inviting and appealing space.  Trust your front yard to a landscape professional and call Whitehouse Landscaping at 484-300-4290 for a free consultation.