Don’t Be Afraid to Discuss Your Budget with Your Landscape Contractor


Discussing a realistic budget is usually the most awkward part of a meeting with a landscape contractor.  Mostly because of not knowing what landscaping costs are and the hidden hear that a $ figure could possibly inflate a quote.  I also have dealt with home renovation type contractors and wanted them to work up their best price without divulging what I’m willing to invest.  But I see now that this was shortsighted and showed a lack of trust in the contractor.  However, we would like to explain why it’s important to share your budget with a landscape contractor or landscape designer.

Why discuss budget?

It’s our job as a Landscape Contractor to provide an honest picture of how far a particular budget will stretch and to make suggestions for the best landscaping plan for your home.  You won’t be able to move forward with a design if you don’t have at least a range in mind.  A good professional designer can tailor a landscaping or hardscaping plan that will realistically fit within your budget.

What if I don’t have a budget in mind? 

That’s perfectly understandable.  Figure out a budget spectrum.  “Do you see yourself spending about $50,000, $20,000, $5,000?  You know what feels comfortable.   Although it would be nice to have unlimited funds available, the truth is that you probably have a set budget for your landscape project.   Once we know a range, we can help you figure out what goals you ‘can’ accomplish within your available budget.

Share your ideas and features you want.

Prior to the meeting, think about the features you definitely want, such as a fireplace, sitting wall, patio, outdoor lighting or plants.  There should be no limit on your imagination.  Yes, your budget may dictate the size of the patio or the materials used but it gives the landscape designer a feel of what your vision is for your yard.   You never know, just maybe your expectations of what you can include in the project are too low.   Also consider what features you will get the most use out of and if there are extras you can’t include, then put them on the back burner for later.

What if my budget is unrealistic with what I want to accomplish?

No problem!  If the overall project is more than you want to invest, Whitehouse Landscaping can help you prioritize and plan in phases.  We have the ability to install some of the work now and the remaining work later without looking like the job wasn’t finished.   This gives you the opportunity to save for future phases while giving you years of enjoyment in your outdoor living spaces before the next phase gets underway!

When you have a landscape design meeting with Whitehouse Landscaping, we’ll talk with you about your expectations and ask you what your goals are.  What do you want to accomplish?  Improve curb appeal, more privacy or create a more inviting place for family and friends to gather.

As a professional landscaping business in Montgomery, Chester and Berks Counties, Whitehouse Landscaping  works with budgets of all sizes.  We do all we can to maximize every possible resource to make your vision come to life for you.  Our reputation is based on integrity and quality is our top priority.  We might not be the cheapest, or have the earliest available start date, but we are passionate about the work we do and we treat every project as if we were building at our own home.

Call Whitehouse Landscaping at 484-300-4290 or contact us on our website for a free design consultation.  We have the same ultimate goal in mind:

To Offer the Best Value for Your Investment

To Have You Enjoy Your Dream Backyard This Season