Fall Is a Perfect Time for Planting


Why Plant in Fall

  • The weather is more congenial for planting than it is in spring.  The threat of drought and intense summer heat is over.
  • The soil is still warm and the mild weather gives the plantings an opportunity to send out new roots and establish themselves in the soil.  In addition, the green parts have stopped growing, making nutrients more available to the roots.
  • The root system that develops now will support rapid growth and green-up in the spring.
  • Pest and insect problems diminish since this year’s bugs are preparing for winter dormancy.
  • Disease problems are also almost non-existent because of the lower humidity.
  • Plant/tree/shrub selections are great in the fall.
If your landscape needs some reworking or a complete redo, you can be confident that fall is the perfect time to take action.  Feel free to call 484-300-4290 or contact us through our website at www.whitehouselandscaping.com  with any questions, or to schedule a personal consultation