Lawn Aeration and Overseeding


Aeration & Overseeding

Fall is the perfect time to rejuvenate and renovate your lawn

Whitehouse Landscaping can help rejuvenate your lawn so that next spring, the bare spots and troubled areas in your turf will be strengthened.  Remember, the best defense to

disease, drought and weeds is always a thick, lush turf.  Read below to learn about our Aeration and Overseeding program.


This core aerator machine removes thousands of plugs of soil and thatch and leaves them on top of your lawn.  They decompose relatively quickly during rainfall or watering.

The benefits include: an increase in air, water and nutrients to the roots; relief of soil compaction; improvement of drainage; an improvement in the effectiveness of fertilizers and finally, allows overseeding to be most effective.


Turf grass reproduction naturally slows down over the years and lawns get thin and spotty. How do you know your lawn needs overseeding?  Spread your grass blades and if you see a significant amount of soil, it’s time to reseed.  Introducing new grass seed will fill in thin areas.   Aeration allows the seed to come into contact with the soil and gives the space necessary for the seed to germinate and develop.

Take the simple step of calling Whitehouse Landscaping 484-300-4290 today and discover how aeration and overseeding can do wonders for your lawn.