Focal Points Add a Wow Factor in Landscaping


Most of our homes have the same basic landscaping features such as front foundation beds, walkways, patios and plantings galore.    Buy why do some landscapes ‘pop’ and others seem ‘blah’?   Yes, some have excellent landscape design and hardscaping qualities that set them apart but some properties simply lack a focal point in certain areas of the yard.

Creating a focal point in the landscape is an easy feature to include as long as you understand how to define your space and direct the eye towards the designated feature.

What is a Focal Point in Landscaping?

A focal point can be the first thing you notice when you view an area.  It adds a pop of interest and uniqueness to a landscape design.   One can divide a focal point into two categories:   inanimate objects and living plants.

Objects can be varied such as a bench, bird bath, boulder, container or water feature.  They are often combined with plantings.  But consideration should be made with regard to balance and harmony.  Using basic Feng Shui principles in landscape design arranges elements to promote balance and harmony.

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Plantings could utilize one dramatic or unusual plant, such as a Japanese Maple, or a grouping of plants.  But keep in mind your seasons.  A grouping of colorful perennials and annuals will look great in the summer but will have little visual interest in the winter.

No need to overdo the focal point concept.  Too many focal points will look cluttered and defeat the purpose of focal points.

Areas of Yard to Use a Focal Point


A beautiful Japanese Maple is an eye catcher.

One rule of thumb is to have only one focal point per main view.  When you are facing your home and garden from the street, one dominant feature is appropriate.  Looking out your backyard is another opportunity.   Specific examples could be where a walkway turns, a large garden space, at a set of stairs

Evaluate Your Landscaping


The handsome arbor welcomes you to the winding path and pool.
Step back and view your landscaping as an outsider.  Does it lack that special punch?     Perhaps it needs a visual to pull the eye or direct people through it.  Focal points will add structure to the space.

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