Have you noticed that some yards have that ‘welcoming’ feeling to them, and yet other yards give you a ‘blah’ feeling?   What is the reason for that?  Often times it’s the harmony and balance, ebb and flow, yin and yang…the energy you feel when you are in an outdoor space.

Harnessing that positive energy is the underlying principle of Feng Shui.  Feng Shui originated from China over 3,000 years ago, and can be described as the practice of arranging elements to promote balance and harmony.   

But don’t think Feng Shui is complicated because it isn’t.  In fact, most of the teachings of Feng Shui are common sense principles that many homeowners apply naturally into their landscaping plan because the end result makes them feel good…. the very harmony, balance and energy that is achieved in Feng Shui.

There are 5 elements of Feng Shui”.  All five elements are found in the natural world and these elements tie into specific colors and cardinal directions to move positive energy through various parts of one’s life.  Using and balancing the five natural elements isn’t complicated and can easily help to create a harmonious feeling. 

WOOD  (Growth & Creativity)

This element is easy to include in your landscaping.  Wood includes trees, plants, flowers, decking, planters and columns.  Wood is represented by the color green.   Healthy plants, especially trees, are a sign of good energy on a property but be careful about not blocking the front entry or walkway with large shrubs or trees.

FIRE   (Passion and Energy)

There's nothing more relaxing than sitting outside by the fire, under the stars and enjoying family and friends.  Adding fire to your backyard living includes fire pits, fire tables, grills and candles...they all add this exciting energy.    Fire is represented by the color hues of red so include plants that have a splash of red or orange which there are many such as zinnias, bee balm, etc.  There's nothing more relaxing than sitting outside by the fire, under the starts and enjoying family and friends.  Adding fire to  your backyard living

WATER ( Wisdom and Serenity)

Water adds a soothing background sound and has wonderful healing and calming qualities.  Water features in a backyard promote relaxation and may include fountains, waterfalls, many of which can be pondless.  Water is represented by cool colors, such as blue, purple and black  so including flowers such as hydrangea or salvia will add that soothing element.  

EARTH  (Stability and Balance)

Includes rocks, boulders, soil, paving, hardscaping, trellises, walkways.    Represented by the color yellow, it will add a little brightness to your landscape.  Examples would be black-eyed susans and daylilies.

METAL ( Logic and Intelligence)

Round shapes, seating areas, light fixtures and wind chimes can all represent metal.  Objects that are white, gold and silver are colors that represent metal.  Another example might be a series of small conifer balls spread around the garden can introduce an element of fun. 

Common Sense Principles for Bringing Harmony into Your Landscape

Following your Intuition.  Your yard should express your own sense of beauty, harmony and appreciation of nature.  Feng shui may be a bit of science, but it’s also an art and art is creative.  If it gives you joy, then your yard will have a positive flow of energy.

Curves soften a landscape.  Nature seldom has straight lines to it.  A meandering, or curved walkway is more welcoming especially lined with low shrubs to separate it from the rest of the yard.  Curved garden beds also bring more calm into the landscape.  Read about some best front yard landscaping tips that will make your home welcoming.

Water and/or fire bring good feng shui.  A waterfall can add a soothing background sound and bring a feeling of good energy into your space.  Or a crackling fire as part of a fire feature warms the soul and gives family and friends good energy to share stores with each other.

Create a roomy space for relaxation and socializing.  Making everyone feel comfortable and safe in an outdoor living space such as a  patio or deck is an easy ingredient for relaxation and for people to feel good in.  An uncluttered space with an unobstructed view of a garden or landscaping will insure good energy flow. 

COVID-19 is resulting in more time at home and families are realizing how underutilized their outdoor spaces are.  Outdoor spaces have the potential of contributing to a sense of overall well being. 

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